Spring Frolic 2012 Part III -

Part III of Day 1!! 

This is kind of insane. Three parts for one day? Haha. But they are just so long! Day 2 will be easier because it's more video and less pictures. :) There were just so many things and people I wanted pictures of on Saturday! And it was worth it. I love these pictures. :) Especially this 1st sunset one, and the one of the sunset lighting up sweet Erin Claire. So there's a video near the end of the day's clips, yeah, I can't really make it through the video without laughing. A lot. I always sound like I'm 10. haha. Hey, 10 was a good age, I'm happy with that. :)

So Erin Claire and I left the dancing because we were fainty (ok. that was just me.), and went to take some pictures and wander around before they had to leave. We had the greatest time. :)

The gorgeous sunset over Barberville picture. 

Sweet Erin Claire. 

We spotted one of the dressed up fiddles hidden in this old covered wagon. 

The Pierson train station. 

Notice anything particular about this picture? :) 

"Erin Claire, I'm not sure you should be pulling those. What are you DOING?" Haha. Her expression.

I want to go on a train now..... right now. 

This is what you should have noticed from above - these are MY boots, on EC's feet. ;) She LOVED them, wanted to steal them, wanted to buy them, and I wanted to keep them. ;) But she got to wear them for a few hours, which was why my feet were feeling like pieces of chopped meat by the end of the night from walking on gravel.

The Huntington Post Office. I just love this classic Barberville picture. So much. 

Old Glory. Stars and Stripes. American pride. 

GAAAAH. the Train is locked! And we are on it, going too fast! AAAAHHHH!! 

Me. In all my sunburned glory. And in all my broken nose glory. Yes. it's me.

I just slid down against the green door and stretched out my legs and refused to move for 15 minutes while EC explored. I can't tell you how tired I was!!! Sooo exhausted from the heat. 

I love trains. and red. in case you missed that. 


EC and I get goofy. Or normal. It's actually normal, so never mind. 

Trust me. We look much better in B&W. hahaha.

Punks. Tired, sleep-deprived, crazy punks. 

... and taking a few portraits while I have time ... 

This one makes me think of ... Mozart and taking a nap and dreaming of old train stations.

We explore the Train Stage, and think how fun it would be to sing from up there. See the heart in the tree on the left? I love the old oaks and Spanish moss all over the Settlement. 

so lovely

Down this road is a cattle pasture. With cute cattle. 

"I owwwn this houuuuse!!!"

Yes. It's mine. I homesteaded it, and it's mine. I own it. I live here. In 1880. 

So the old house that we've taken whoknowshowmany pictures there? Yes. It is the Settlement's. Aaallll these years we thought we were hotshots, spies, trespassing photographers, and the Settlement owned it, not some scary people who barely cared for their hundreds of years old home. HAHAha!

Maili. I tend to say 10 minute goodbyes to everyone .... including this explosively funny girl. ;)

The crazy video from the day. HAHahahaaha. The whole "Lauren" thing was completely unplanned, btw. I love laughing and I love my friends and I love Barberville. And that's this video, pretty much. 

Barberville at night. This gate is where Ben and Emily and I heard the famous line "I forgot my roast in the fridge!!" HAHAHAHAhahahaa. We laughed hysterically for the longest time over that! :D 

The Schoolhouse and Kitchen spilling light into the night. 

The deepening blue over the barn ... 

The dancing lasted until 10pm. :) We all stayed, we didn't want to say goodbye. Manda's parents dancin'. 

Spinning and whirling. 

My dearest Manda friend. Taking pictures in the hallway - 

and sweet Mrs. Waller took pictures of us, I was so thankful! I had to have pictures of us. We are strong proof that friendships are built through long-distance relationships! Although nothing beats face to face! 

It is really hard not to get teary eyed just looking at this. God blessed us incredibly much by allowing us to see each other (before we turned 30, I might add!!). :) I am so thankful for Manda. I love you, girl! 

She is indescribably special and treasured by God. His beloved. 
I love you, Manda! 

and that, my dear friends, is the end of Part III of Day 1 of the Barberville Spring Frolic!!! WOOHOO! I made it! Three posts in one day. Hahahaha. I'll start on Day 2 another day. :)

I'm so grateful for these Barberville times: building memories, deepening friendships, enjoying life. :)
It's a special thing, for sure!

Love you all, and thanks for reading!
~ Jean Marie ~

If you are reading backwards, here's Part I and Part II!! :) 


  1. How sweet was that day... and night! It was so good to see you and spend the day amonhst sweet friends... visiting all the memoires made and making new ones...
    Another BV to cherish!



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