Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Because it's cute -

This mornin' I got up and this was the first thing I saw in my e-mail. :) Lauren took this picture from a beach day on May 4th with Emily, Britt and us two at Ormond Beach. We went to Tricia's afterwards to see her and little David (who is growing!!). He's just the sweetest thing and I love him so much. :) The first thought in my head - the cuteness. AHHHH! I'm dying from the cuteness! and the second thought - look at my sunburn! HAHA.

Either way, I love this picture. Thank you, Lauren!!!

I love you, little David. 
~ Auntie Jean Marie ~ 


Jenna said...

Awww, how precious! I love this picture! :)

Brittany said...

That is such a sweet picture!!! Love it!! That was a good day. =)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Sarah xx

Emily Brower said...

He is such a good snuggler! So cute :)

And I totally almost accidently did a sad face up there ^
Hate when that happens... love when I catch it before posting, haha.

Kristiana said...

That is one cute baby!!! :D absolutely precious! <3