Spring Frolic 2012 Part II -

Part II of Spring Frolic 2012 Day 1!! Wow, that's a mouthful. Try saying that 10 x's fast with peanut butter in your mouth. Actually, don't. I don't want anyone choking. It's rather nice having this split into 3 posts, so no one falls off their chair from Barberville Shock. hahahaha. It's been known to happen. If you haven't seen and read Part I then you might want to click HERE and see that first. Or not. You can go out of order, and I won't care in the least bit. :) So with that explained - here's Part II!

I convinced the Sprouls to come and they actually had time this year. And then Delaney (who had never been to Barberville in her entire life) invited like 5 or 6 families from her church and they all came, and it was hilariously great. :) Hahaha. I call Darby on her cell and am like "Where ARE you?!" and she lets me know they are almost there, and then she said something, and I started singing. And then we hung up, with the knowledge I'd see her soon.

Well apparently the story from her end of the line went like this - she was in a van with other people that know me, haha, and someone said "That was Jean, wasn't it?", and Darby says "yes, haha.", because apparently they could tell from the way Darby said almost nothing and then burst into song. HAHAAHAHa. ;) I can't help it.

Here Darby looks at the amazing earrings ... you know, after I squeezed the breath out of her. :)

Mrs. Lewis, on the right, (who, amazingly, goes to church with Mrs. Drobnick's daughter/son-in-law and their children). Crazy, huh? So neat - I love hanging out with them. And then there little Carrie Ingalls right there. ;) 

Seamus and Johnny practicing for their Fiddling Krickets concert on Country Store porch. 

Josiah, extremely unaware I am taking his picture. 

and now he is very aware.

and now he realizes he must smile or undergo prompting. hahaha. :)

Darby contemplates the shortness of her ice cream cone's lifespan. 

aaaand deep thinking is over. Yes, I dragged everyone into the Country Store for ice cream and coconut popsicles. There was fierce debating and (almost) fainting from me when several people mentioned they didn't like coconut. I was appalled. Appalled, I say. 

These next 3 are my favorite series. They are hysterically different. Look at the change in faces! 

Oh! A picture! ICE CREAM! Darby's ice cream face is the best. I love that face!  Maili - "what!!" Josiah "smiling.again." Hannah: "ice cream everywhereee" ... Hahhaha. 

That poor lad on the left has no drama. He'll never make it. Hahahahaa. 

EC's lunch. 

EC - completely unawares. 

Hahahhahaa. Taking pictures of your friends is so fun, because you get the craziest looks. 

Example: Darby - Queen of different faces. ;) I can't get enough of her earrings. haha. 

Brason chilling out with the family .... see all the water? It was much needed.

My beautiful friend Becs, fraternizing with the visitors. 

Her long and flowy pink chiffon skirt. And her converse of course. ;)

Little and big hatchets and axes. All expertly handmade. 

Yes, Barberville brings the Sound of Music out of people. ;) 

We pretend to make stew with leaves while Darby tells us stories about tricking people with pretend food and what an awful sister she was when she was younger. bahhahaa.

Hannah Lewis and her sample of hoecake. (and Delaney's camera, as I was reminded of about 12 times)

the kitchen set up for tea in the old Lewis cabin. :) 

best friends. 

Yes, we all adored Hannah's dress. It even had pockets! soooo vintage and cute. 

the TRAIN. 

Okay. Feel free to bawl now. Look who was there. Manda. I hadn't seen her in 2 years (she and her family are missionaries in Honduras), and I have missed her beyond belief. I think that reunion, running and calling her name and colliding in hugs and breaking apart only to hug again for 2, and then 3 times will stay in my heart for a very long time. It's the things movies are made of. Her, with her golden hair, and brilliant smile. Her, with our Facebook messages, sharing tears over such a long way. Her, with her honest spirit that makes me laugh so hard. Her, with her prayers and her hugs and her knowing.

It was absolutely beautifully surreal to see her and be with her again. Shockingly surreal. :) 

Joel and Jeff crooned us all into pretending it was 60 years ago, and were happy to go there. haha. They did an incredible job, and I was proud of them! We were very enthusiastic clappers. :)

Y'all. They look red, and you know why? It was so.amazingly.sickeningly.hot that weekend. I can't imagine how hot they were, standing up with barely any breeze, singing their hearts out. hah.

Here's some little clips ... I love Beulah Land. Someone sing that at my funeral, would you? 

MamaLala keeping time with her hand on her knee. 

And the dancing. Ohhh, the dancing. It was an oven in there. You have no idea. Unless you were there. ;) But we danced away, until we neared heatstroke, and then we rushed into the hallway and stood under the fans and drank water and sat on the steps to get some real air. Yep. It was a real health hazard. The color in the schoolroom was sooo orange (the heat and sun) and so I just shot it all in B&W. I was pretty happy. :)

listening to instructions - my camera kept finding Amanda, and staying there in amazement. :) 

Steph: "Wait. What does that mean?" Hahhaa.

Promenading forward - love MamaLala's gracefulness. 

Left - Hand Star! 

EC borrows my cell for an important phone call to an unknown person. 

and Matthew shows up!! We had missed the Michels .... 

Boaz fanning himself with his cowboy hat while they waited for the next couple. Phew! hot! 

Rapid motion. :) There's Jeff (far left) and Leah (2nd from right). 

Bethany and Abby - sweet girls. 

Don't be fooled. Those little two in the middle could dance rings around most people in the room. That's Beri and Lacey. 


and Beri. :) 

Matt. :) Looking very cool. 

The little girlies were outside dirtying up their feet for the Dirtiest Feet Contest. Don't laugh - it's a much acclaimed badge of honor for a Barberville Lover. :D Miss Katie even bought prizes for this year, which was so sweet of her!  

The sun beginning to go down .... on Barberville. 

and that ends Part II! Whew! :) Look for Part III, hopefully coming in a few hours! 
With much muuuch love, 
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Looks like JOY came in the morning, dear Jean! I'm so glad! Love and prayers, mcd

    PS I find it hilarious that I must repeatedly "prove I am not a robot." Hee hee

  2. Ahhhh! I actually debated trying to make it up for Bville...but alas, what with moving we all couldn't make it. Sigh. You make me remember why I loved Bville the first time.


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