Spring Frolic 2012 Day 2 -

Okay! :) Day 2!! :) So really ... Day 1 had 110 pictures and separated into 3 posts, and this Day 2 post has 53 and only needs 1 post for it. ;) A lot less! Haha.

Day 2 was Sunday, and since I teach Sunday school and Becs is on her church's worship team, there was no way we could skip church and responsibilities, so I picked her up from her church and we headed out on the highway from there. :) Sweet Momma Foster did it again, and packed us a great lunch of PB&J, ginormous apples, oreos and water. And we talked and sang and had a great old time. We got to Barberville at about ... 2pm? Or so? And found it extremely hot. haha.
Big surprise there - not.

We also found Emily and Ben who had been working since that morning, and were on Courtesy Cart duty. And so we hung out with them for awhile because we didn't want to dance in the heat. :) Don't judge us .... you have no idea how many times we almost died from heatstroke the day before!! hah! Oh, and we also hung out with them because wethinktheyarethebestthingsever. ;) kk - here we go -

Becs and Em rockin' their glasses. Is that Em? Or is that a preggo Audrey Hepburn? No one really knows. 

Two thumbs up!! hahahaha. 

The angry 1 thumb up. If you get this, just know deep in your heart that you did something really stupid.

The hot and lazy Sunday afternoon crowd .... 

My attempt from too far away to get us all in the mirror. Em got it instead, see it in her video, here! 

Becs and those awesome teal glasses of hers .... 

Yep. I love you. 

Rock on, darlin'. 


Georgia Rose at 19 weeks 2 days. :) 

Hi! :D 

Yep. This is what we do. Take pictures of the baby belly. Can't help it. 

Focused on Georgia - 

Focused on Emily's hand cradling Georgia -

another favorite

This was on the back of the cart ... all this time, and I never knew it was an E-Z-GO. Whatever that is.

My already sandy, dirty feet with my "Mermaid" polish color, as Becs calls it. ;) 

The Peacocks! I love peacocks. When I was little, we lived in Cape Canaveral in a condo, and a few streets away from the beach. The peacocks would come to the sliding glass door in the morning and call and I would feed them Cheerios. ;) Now I feel at home every time I hear a peacock call. 

Stunning iridescent blues and greens and every teal, aqua, purple color in between. 

Amazing details. 

Oh, man, I have to tell you this ... it was hysterical. Emily, Ben, Bro Nafan, Becs, GabeBrah and I sat around on the Courtesy Carts and this one peacock was SO intimidated by Gabe. He just wouldn't walk away! It was hilarious, we kept laughing about how puffed up the bird was about it. He was like "I aammm the MAN." HAHahaa. And meanwhile the hens walked by like "dude. we saw that 5 minutes ago. we know already!!"

Those colors faded out? Some of my all-time favorites right there. :) Liked a different perspective on the color. 

Unbelievably tall .... 

One of the beautiful hens. 

There were a lot of peacock eggs too! I just love the green on her neck, and her rich hues of brown.

We've been blessed with a very green Spring! 

I was baking. I needed ice cream - so I went over and got 1/2 of a root beer float. Because Gabe told me there's no way I'd feel good in this heat if I had a whole one. He was right. 1/2 was perfect. :)

Here's the John Deere engine running the ice cream churn! :) Take you for a riide on my big green tractorrr....the summer that song came out, Becs and I couldn't stop singing it. Like - EVER. 

Dancing was going on  ... I watched and then joined in. I mean, there's only two choices! Dance and die and got to Heaven or dance and don't die! Either way, I'd be happy so .... I danced. hahaha. 

Obi giving a "low" high five for something awesome during the Broom Dance. 

Little Joshie Dude so enthralled by being with all the men. 

Bustin' his own moves on the floor. That's what I love about this kind of dancing - it's all ages! 

Some of these guys can spin you FAST. It's dizzyingly wonderful. :) 

The Broom Dance - see more in the video below! 

Emily and the kitty - Stella, we named her. She was tiny, and sweet! And Emily was in love.


Nothing more comfortable than ripped jeans you've worn in and your favorite shoes. :) These are Becs'.

HAHAHAHA. See the 1 thumbs up? HAHAhahahahaa! Ben's smile is under his glasses. He's pretending to lord that whole "Tease the bridesmaid as much as humanly possible" over me. It may or may not be working. ;) hahahhaa.

Kitty and the Barn. 

Saying very exhausted goodbyes. :) 

Afterwards, Becs and I headed over to the Blacksmith's shop to see what all the clanging and laughing about was - and lo and behold - it was because the Reedy brothers and Zander and BroNafan were there. Explains aver-thang.

Yes. He's an awesome bro. That I only get to see a few times each year, which is a crime. haha. 

I just love this. Probably because I love that blue color, but still. I just love it. I want my house to look like this. Maybe a little bigger than a post office, but still. Yep. A few rockers on the front porch, and I've got it made. :) 

"Hey Becs, go stand by the sign and I can take your picture with it!" "okay" 

Next thing I know, they are all in the frame and posing. HAHAHa. Crazy people. Don't blame me. Sometimes Barberville just ... gets to people. It's so sad. *shakes head* You really have no idea.

Jordan the Blacksmith working his magic on incredibly hot pieces of metal. 

And then we all forgot it was hot, and enjoyed the breezes moving through and I pretended we were on an island with the sound of a ukelele floating over us .... mmmm. :)  Becs with Zander's ukelele. 

She's so amazing. 

Dusty converse and rolled up jeans. 

Truth be told, I was trying to get my 3rd (or 4th!) wind back so I could drive us home without falling asleep. That would not have been good. So we stayed for 30 minutes and then we hit the road. :)

Here's us all walking to our cars. We were the 2nd and 3rd last vehicles leaving the public lot! WOOT! haha. this is like - Barberville Band Shot. ;)

Bodean & Bobby Jo. love. 

"Bellaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" The Settlement Cat. Look at her in Emily's picture on Six Angles! 

But we were also starving when we left, and so we decided to go out to eat ... and we debated and did the whole "I don't care, what do you want" thing for awhile, until I finally decided my seafood cravings must be satisfied. :) So we went to Olive Garden, waited around for 20 minutes looking at pictures and video on my camera, and talking about nothing and then we were seated in the coldest area of the restaurant, which was perfect, because we were soo hot.

But then in about 20 minutes, were so sooo cold. hahahaha. But we didn't care all that much. We talked graduation and seniors (she is one this year!) and how I was so glad I didn't have to do that again, and how much drama people can drum up over an event that is turned into either the NHL finals or WW3.

And we talked about our dreams and falling in love and babies, and ohmyword, Georgia. And we chatted and we pretended to the really sweet, outgoing waitress that we didn't know sign language when she taught us a few signs. Because that would totally be me. And we talked about dancing, and cancer and our friends, and we talked about how God has blessed us, and how to carry on in life.

And I was reminded all over again the great blessing of a best friend I have in Becs. I love you! 

When we left, there was this mind-blowing amazingly gorgeous sunset. I almost cried. Becs let me take pictures while she called her Momma, letting her know we were getting on the road. :) 

The colors and the clouds - such a gift for us to see. 

"thaaaaat's amoreeeee, laalallalalaaaaa". Hahahaaha. :) The sunset glory just stayed in my rearview mirror almost the entire way home, until it faded into the dark. Such a sweet ending to a lovely weekend. 

Now here's the two videos of the day! First one is the recap of the day, and 2nd one is from the Blacksmith's Shop. :) I just love both of them - video just puts you right there! Hope it brings a smile to your face. :) And laughter, lots of laughter, that's always a hope too. :)

and that was the end of our wonderful Barberville Spring Frolic weekend!!! :)
Thanks for stopping by, and as I was reminded recently, yes. I do love comments. ;)
With much love, and gratitude for such wonderful friends and family,
~ Jean Marie ~

If you haven't read up, here's Part I, Part II and Part III of Day 1!!! :D So much joy! 


  1. You are right dear sister it is a crime that we don't see each other much :( Oh well it was great to see ya at BVille XD

  2. You are the super woman of posting. Hands down.
    You should get paid for advertising for Barberville!
    Who would see these posts and not want to come?!?
    Unless they are afraid of epic randomness.

    I love our times like this, Bodean. Always gonna be beautiful memories. WE KNOW HOW TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!

    Love you, dearest.
    ~Bobby Jo

  3. Awesome videos btw Sis!!! I was honored to be in them :D

    Bro Nafan


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