Abby girl -

Dear Abby girl -

Today it was your birthday!!! :) We all heard it a bit too late to call you up and serenade you with our more enthusiastic-than-perfection-singing of a birthday song, or to suddenly land on your doorstep towing 900 balloons that someone endorsed us to buy. Ahem.

But we still wanted to tell you, Abby .... that we love you!!
You have earned our love with your sweetness and joyful manner whenever we are with you.
We love to spend time with you and listen to your stories, and laugh along. :)
Thank you for so blessing our family with your precious special self.
Happy 10th birthday, Abigail!!! May God bless this coming year.

We love you!!!
~ Jean Marie and the Fambrough Family ~
with kisses from Lucy Mae!! :D


  1. Thank you so much Jean Marie for your birthday blessings! Love, Abby

  2. Jean Marie,
    Thanks for the adorable post for our sweet Abby girl. She was beaming when she saw it! We love you and your family too!!!
    Debbie & the Sparling Clan

  3. Happy Birthday Abby!
    May you continue to grow into a Godly young lady....



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