A yellow dress -

This past week has been hard. I know I've blogged some about it, and if you've seen me, you've probably noticed that I've been more quiet ... *gasp*, yes, it's possible, and true. ;)

... but tonight I got a sweet surprise when I looked at Lauren's blog ...
She had posted pictures from last Friday, when they were in town to spend some time with our family at an event .... and she had blogged the pictures. Of me. In my yellow dress that was $3.01, and looks like the 50's, and due to her amazing photography skillz, some actually turned out, even though I was not a "still" model. :D

I LOVE the pictures. Go look. NOW. and try to tell me she's not wonderful. :)
Plus, because of Autumn, she's got TWO surprises up her sleeve, that she's not telling us yet. ;) So stay tuned in over there, to check out what's going on in her part of the world.

It was such a special night with friends, listening to a Big-Band concert, laughing, chatting, dancing in our chairs, playing games, taking pictures .... ohh, the sunset light was gorgeous, it was warm and buttery, yellow liquid gold, and we took full advantage. :)

I must tell you: it is MUCH harder to be in front of the camera, than behind. :)
I really had a hard time staying serious .... :) just ask Lauren!! But thanks so much, dearie ....
I seriously looked at her pictures and started crying happy tears it was so sweet ...
and then she posted them on FB, and our friends left all sorts of sweet loving comments and I felt sooo loooooved, that I almost started crying again. :)

Lowie - you made my day. Thanks again!!! I had so much fun with you!
~ Jean Marie ~

Photo credit: Lauren Brittany Photography.


  1. Love the sweet picture!

  2. I, I just LOVE that dress!!! :)

  3. I had an awesome time spending that evening with you! :D And I'm glad you like the pics; you're adorable!!!


  4. Your dress is positively the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!! SO pretty. :)
    And, again and again, I LOVE your pictures. :)

  5. You could be a modest clothing model, Jean! Gorgeous hair, clothing, eyes! :)

    Jo Kautt


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