9-11, 9 yrs. later -

Taken 9-11-10 on Ormond Beach, FL
September 11th, 2001 - September 11th, 2010. 9 years.
The patriots of America have not forgotten.

It's been 9 years, and I still can't watch the footage without crying.
I sit there in momentary shock, and pray the second plane never comes. But there it is, and my heart says "NO!!! NO NO!!!! NO!!!!!" all over again. People tell me not to watch it. It's not like I sat in front of the computer and watched it for hours, I'm in tears over watching 3 mins of it. I talked with some friends this afternoon, and as we talked about 9-11, solemness fell over our little group as we walked .... and we tried to find a new topic that didn't hurt so much.

2,977 people. Of those ... 343 firefighters of the FDNY, and overall: 411 emergency workers.
That's 2,977 families.

.... I really don't feel like putting a whole bunch of sad statistics on here.
I'm sure you don't want to read them anyway ... I got through about 10 of them, and shut down.

*From 9-11 footage. A man asks a firefighter: "You guys going back?"
and the firefighter replies: "Yes. It's our job. I got fellow officers that might be trapped."*
Such was the heart of all those who saved so many, and gave their lives for them.

I'm so incredibly thankful for the men and women who fought for us that day,
nurses and doctors and EMT's and firefighters, police officers and all the soldiers since then.
If you are reading this .... and you serve or have served our country
... I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

.... America needed you then, patriots, and she needs you now!!!

I haven't forgotten .... and yet ... God was in control that day, and is still today.

"Thank you, Jesus, for precious peace amid world's turmoil ...
bring many to You through 9/11, even 9 years later, Father ...
bring patriotism back into the hearts of Americans,
but most of all, Father ....
bring Christianity to every part of this earth, for Thy glory.
We thank Thee. Amen."
~ Jean Marie ~