You know the drill. :) I heart faces weekly challenges .... click the button to see the pictures ... but what you don't know is that this week it is about incorporating cars or trucks or anything that goes "vroom" into the picture! I seriously just spent 2 minutes staring at an amazing entry, and feeling ready to SWOON over the car. I love love LOVE old cars!! AND posing with a car? FAVORITE! :D EEE!!

So here's what happened. Downtown had a car show. I went. I touched the cars in awe and reverence and had 50's music playing in my mind. I ooohed and aaahhhed and generally probably looked like a kid in a candy store. I giggled at my reflection in the shiny glass, and I did not end up stealing any of the cars and taking it on a joy ride. Ahh, the restraint.

As I was leaving, some cars were pulling out....I stuck my camera at my hip, and just SHOT. I got home and shrieked with joy .... because as I waved and smiled and *shot*, the man looked right at my camera ... and smiled. Oh the surprise and JOY!!! And I so so so love it. :)

With love for old things, cars and anything that goes VROOM,
~ Jean Marie ~

There's another day to enter, if you want!!! Do it, you'll be glad you did!! :)
Click on the camera button to go see other entries and swoon over the gorgeousness.


  1. Love your photo!!! You captured a great expression and I love the vintage feel to the image. Great work!

  2. What a lucky shot! But, it is great! I love the feel of it! :)

  3. You can totally tell this man is proud of his car. (Aren't all men??) Great processing!

  4. He was smiling at you I'm sure and not your camera:) What a great picture!

  5. so nice to see an adult in this weeks challenge! awesome car!!!!!

  6. Love everything about this image! The processing is fab!


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