To our Irish Sweetheart-

There once was a girl named Sadie Beth. There once was a rambling birthday post written for Sadie Beth's birthday in the year 2009. You can read it HERE, if you need some background. If you've ever heard, read, or seen me around Sadie Beth, you will know how much she is our Irish Princess. She is my favorite Irish person. EVER. BAR. NONE. and that says a lot. :)

So today is her 22nd birthday. :) And she reminded me last night. Please hold, whilst I check myself in to the "Worst-Possible-Friend-Ever-Care-Group" because I failed to write it on my calendar from last year and "almost" forgot her birthday. She just laughed and said she loved me anyways, while I sat there with huge eyes and outright panic. Thanks for the reminder, love. ;)

So ... my Sadie Beth. Oh my my my. How I love you. Last night I sat down and ran quickly through some e-mails and some chats between us online, and I was so overwhelmed because there is so sooo much to say, and not near enough time to say how loving you are to me.

This past year, ahh, it has been the hardest of years .... and I have poured almost every anguish out to you, and you have sat and listened and born it, you said "Awww" and "I know, sweetie.", and "bless you", and "God is faithful, dearie.", while I sat and sobbed and typed for hours. When I look back on how much time you really spent listening to me, I am amazed.

Amazed that you love me enough to just sit and listen for a long time, knowing that you don't have any answers, but giving me such stark wisdom and truth that it makes me stop and blink. Hahahaa, I'm in tears all over again, just reading some of these words that have so blessed me!! I came with overwhelming emotions and worries, fears and nightmares and HURT, and you wrapped your arms around me, and told me God is still God, that He gives grace for the moments, and that what we believe isn't always what we feel.
Or mostly isn't. :)

So much beautiful Biblical encouragement. From a heart almost as old as mine.
I am so very deeply grateful for you, Sadie Beth, and after this year ... more than ever. God has used you in ways to encourage my soul when nothing else was making sense. :) You were always up to listening, giving your input, writing out Scripture, and praying. I've brought so many things to the table for you to pray for, and I never got a "I'm too busy. Not right now" from you. :) First off, any problem. A. Pray. B. Write Sadie Beth. :)

You are a faithful friend!!! Thank you so so much!! One of our favorite songs ....

"I have not lived a life that boasts of anything, and I don't take pride in what I bring,
but I'll build an altar with the rubble You've found me in, and every stone will sing
... of what You can redeem!!!

Heal the wound, but leave the scar ... a reminder of how merciful You are.
I am broken, torn apart, but take the pieces of this heart, and heal the wound ...
but leave the scar.

Don't let me forget everything You've done for me.
Don't let me forget the beauty in the suffering."

Sweet beautiful Sadie Beth. :) Thank you for being love and grace to me this past year!
Dec. 2008 Mt. Dora, FL. A very chilly and windy Florida day beside the lake.

So I thought since I didn't put up a bunch of pictures (since they are all from 2 years ago), that it would be fun to have .... some birthday quotes from friends here. :) They graciously and willingly wrote a few notes for you, Sadie Beth! I know you will love this ....

"Dear Sarah!
Happy birthday, Lovely Lady! You have been such a blessing and encouragement to me every time I have seen you and talked with you! I pray that our Lord blesses today, YOUR TWENTY-SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! It's also been "jolly fun" having a friend "across the pond" such as yourself. ;)

I can't wait to see you!!! :D "
*hugs and love*
~ Emily ~

God has made you such a loving, faithful woman. His grace is so beautifully manifest in and through your life, and as He has wrought His perfect plan in you these past years, so shall He continue in this coming year ~ all for His glory. You are a blessing to so many."
Love in Christ,
~ Kimberly ~

"My initial thought about Miss Sarah was "She's an Irish-born British girl?!? How utterly exciting! We get to meet someone from EUROPE!!" And yes, this all was true. But through my interaction with her over these last couple years, I've discovered much, much more in the person of Sarah.

When you first meet her, there is a gentleness, an air about her. Smiles and kindness greet you. You go to shake hands with her, but immediately feel so at ease that you hug instead. You both laugh and then fall into easy conversation. Then, as you get to know her, you discover the reason for the afore-mentioned "air". Christ shines within her, so much in fact that it seems to radiate from her.

Such is Sarah's testimony in my life. We have such fun talking about things ranging from everyday life and travel, to Christianity and politics. And beach walks with this lassie are truly amazing, nothing quite like smiling during an entire walk on the shore. :)

So Sarah, here's to you and the work our Lord is doing in your life! May you grow in grace and Godliness, ever looking to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith!
Love you so much, friend!!
~ Anna ~
(P.S.) This girl can put on a killer American accent! ;)


So, my dearest sweet Sadie Beth. :) I hope we have blessed you, this day, your 22nd birthday.
I love you so very very much, and hope to be as faithful and precious a friend as you are to me, and I cannot wait to see you in just 3 months!!! I am praying for you, dearest.

Happy Birthday Sadie Beth, may the Lord bless you richly!!!

Hugs and kisses and deep thankfulness for you, dear girl!!
With love, Your Plonker,
~ Jean Marie ~

Mt. Dora. Dec. 2008 Horrible shot of me, but ADORABLE of Sadie Beth. See what love does for a friend, on her own blog? Ahem. You have no idea how windy and cold it was. :D Good memories.

P.S. YES!! You read that right!!! Sadie Beth is visiting our family in Nov 2010!! We can't WAIT!!! :D Then ya'll can meet her and get to know her wonderful self in real life! :D haha.
P.P.S. Leave a happy birthday comment for our Irish Sweetheart if you'd like!! :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I pray your day is full of joy and many blessings! May the Lord guide and protect you throughout your 22nd year! :D

  2. Dear dear Sarah!!
    I hope your day is filled with blessings, and that our Lord continues to direct your steps!
    Can't hardly WAIT to see you in Novemer...only a few short months away!!!
    Love love,
    Anna :D

  3. Happy Birthday to YOU *breaks into song*

    I have heard so much about you, and have wanted to meet you!! Now I can meet Jean's friend from across the pond! *EEEEP*

    I hope you have lovely birthday!

  4. Oh my, Jean, what an incredibly sweet post! Thank you so so much **big hug**. This is going to get printed out so it can be properly stored for the decades to come! My only "complaint" (and I'm not actually complaining about it as I have to say I enjoy it!!) is that you think I'm much more amazing than I really am.... You have been a dear friend for me to be there for, and you have been there for me too, ya know. I am so so so looking forward to seeing you in November! You're going to get a killer of a hug at the airport, believe me ;-) Love you lots!!

    Emily, Kim, and Anna, thanks so much to all of you for such lovely messages. Hugs all around I think! 'Twill be great to see you all! :-

    Thanks also, Lauren and Becca, for your birthday wishes. I am not going to leave Florida until Jean introduces me to this gang of friends I've heard so much about!! :-)


  5. Yes,birthday hugs to you Sarah, from the other side of Salisbury (this side of 'the pond'). We love you lots! and looking forward to Saturday, outdoor performance of Pride and Prejudice (a sort-of birthday outing?!)xx

  6. A bit late, Sadie Beth, but none the less a Happy Birthday week (we tend to celebrate weeks instead of a day - I think this started with Jean Marie! We are so looking forward to having you with us soon! Please greet your parents for us and send our well wishes to them.
    Love you,
    Mrs. Fambrough


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