This is only a test -

{Picture taken in July at the Zoo. Doesn't it look like a Dr. Seuss railroad post?}

This is a test. This is only a test. If this were not a test, you would hear this:
*insert NOAA Hurricane test frequency that sort of makes your ears freak out, and makes you think about MRE's and flashlights, generators and hours and weeks of yard work and people you don't even know, but become best friends because "I KNOW! Our front tree split in half TOO! I'm so glad we are all okay. "Hurricane name___" was wretched, huh?"we have so much in common while standing in line at Publix. Ahh, "the good ole' days", as we call 'em.*

This is a test because I have been freaking out because I've had all my words hyperlinked in between the pictures and it's been driving me CRAAZAAAAY and not the good kind. You've noticed it too, eh? EH? You THERE, Alfie? Yeah. Thought so. It's only good if your words are hyperlinked TO SOMETHING and mine were just ... hyperlinked because the pictures were.

Ohhh, HTML, you are not my friend. But EmilyCase is!!!
How I love that dear blessed minion. *insert "Despicable Me" minion laugh here*

Okay! Let's see if it worked!!
Love ya'll ....
~ Jean Marie ~

IT DID!!! Seriously, how wonderful are friends that stay up in the middle of the dark and scary night to solve all your HTML problems? AMAZING I say!! Plus, I get to hear all about what Ollie and Luna (her two kitties) are doing .... and laugh. Thank you, my darling EmilyCase!


  1. Hahaha, so glad I could help!
    I love that photo... so... nicely colored. I can't think of the words to describe it... maybe because it's "the middle of the dark scary night" and I should go to sleep? ;)

    Loves ♥

  2. love that photo! it *does* look like seomething from Dr. Suess.


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