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So this week over at I:heart:faces was a Beach challenge. I wasn't going to enter, because I rarely, if ever, take my camera to the beach, since we live in Florida and it is so damaging to it.


How in the world was I supposed to pass up entering a beach photo challenge?

It would be the same as walking around the entire B&H store for years and never ever buying anything. Aka: the saddest thing ever. So here I am, with my small little beach photo ... I guess my amount of love for East Coast Florida makes up for it. How I love love love the BEACH.

It was a cool, overcast "Winter" day in February. :) Cocoa Beach in its lovely glory was not fazed at all that the sun wasn't out in full force, that the sand was cold, that the water was chilly, that no surfers sliced her waters ... that the animals she held swam a little slower through her depths .... no matter what the conditions, the ocean is always beautiful and powerful.

The ocean will always have a part of my heart.
Feb. 2010~Cocoa Beach~Nikon d40~18-55mm

Click on over to see the other entries by clicking on the camera button! :) You will be glad you did. Even if you don't have the ocean near you ... you can still enjoy all the beach joy!!!

With love, and huge thankfulness for the oceans God has made!!
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Nice portrait. I like the soft look. I hope I expressed that correctly.

  2. *shriek*
    Its SOOOOOOOO PRETTTTTY! sO SO PRETTY! The lighting,the backround, you and your blue eyes!

    love you
    ~the one of cupcake smashin'!


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