An Irish Story -

There once was a little girl named Sarah. But we all affectionately refer to her as: Sadie Beth. I gave her the name, and it has stuck like super glue, and it just perfectly fits her. Back to the story... the little woman named Sadie Beth, for she wasn't really a girl, just a little woman .... Sadie Beth was a smart little woman, and knew how to do so many wonderful things -

The little woman named Sadie Beth was really good at always being "on the spot" to take smiling pictures, no matter how many times her friend, a little woman named Jean Marie (nicknamed Plonker by the Sadie Beth), asked her to, she was always ready with a smile. She was good at smiling, and looking sweet and adorable all the time.

Sadie Beth knew how to enjoy sitting on a dock at the river for 20 minutes, doing absolutely nothing other than taking pictures and listening to the waves splash and ripple and feeling the warm sun on a November day. And she also knew how to hang her feet just over the edge of the planks, and cross her ankles just so cute.
Sadie Beth was a happy little woman, and Plonker(aka: Me) enjoyed being happy with her. And taking happy pictures .... often. Fine ... quite often.........ok, okay, Plonker enjoyed taking pictures of Sadie Beth every 5 minutes at least. Sadie Beth was generally happy to oblige, thus making Plonker a very happy little woman as well.
Sadie Beth knew how to love Plonker's parents and laugh hysterically with them, and take lovely pictures like she was their long-lost niece from somewhere over the sea. This made Plonker veerrrrryy happy.
Sadie Beth was also very, VERY good at being Irish. This, I think, is generally because ... she is 100% Irish, I do believe. However, my attempts of being Irish were either met by somewhat blank stares of disbelief, or choking laughter. I think I'm better at being Southern. Or something.
Sadie Beth was wonderful at carrying on long, loving and laughing conversations with Plonker's sister, Kimberly, who was away in GA.
Sadie Beth was wonderful at taking fun and silly pictures with her little Plonker, and just generally being all around fun to be with all day. Something Plonker does not always pull off. However, for the most part, Sadie Beth and Plonker got along splendidly, laughingly and incredibly well. See?
Things were all going swimmingly, and the Mt. Dora vacation was wonderful, and it was the Sweet Life Under the Savior. Sadie Beth was ... shall we count it up?

Sadie Beth:
* Good at smiling and being "on the spot" for pictures
* Enjoys doing things Plonker enjoys for no apparent reason
* Is happy and smiling almost all the time when around Plonker
* Models for pictures well
* Loves Plonker's parents
* Is amazing at being Irish and sometimes British when we need a good laugh over the Revolutionary War and winning it, and throwing all that tea into the channel. We SO won. Ahem.
* She loves my sister, and my sister loves her.
* She loves me, and I love her, and she says she loves being with me, and I love being with her.

It was a wonderful life, and it all culminates up to one very single day. Sadie Beth was wonderful at many, many things, but one of them was not, I repeat, not, handling wildlife very well.

It was such a wonderful day, that day .... until Sadie Beth was eaten by an alligator, right there in front of Plonker's own eyes.

The End.

... alright, so it didn't exactly end like that. :) But it made for some fun laughs.

This is ... Sadie Beth's very own: I-am-not-going-one-single-step-more-on-this-trail-with-just-you-laughing-at-me-as-protection-and-we-are-turning-around-right-now-and-heading-back-because-those-crashing-and-grunting-sounds-you-just-called-an-alligator-are-headed-straight-in-our-direction- look. I kid you not.

Let's add to that list: Sadie Beth is slightly stubborn, and slightly freaked out by gators. HAha!

No, no, Sadie Beth was not eaten on that very long and winding trail on the island, thank goodness, that would have wrecked the vacation ... for everyone. Haha. :D

No, the real culmination of the story, at least for now, as in ... the next month - is that our Sadie Beth turned 21 this past Monday. We could say that I had planned to blog after her birthday and surprise her and throw her off, but the real truth is that when her birthday rolled around, I was the farthest from a blogging mood I could be in, and it just seemed sad to put a picture up, and say "I love you", when she knows that I can write a post with 60 pictures in it, and I have only, like ... 300 of her, for pete's sake. Anyways! Happy 21st birthday, dearest Sadie Beth ... you know how much I love you. :) Happy, happy, wonderful, blessed year, and many more, sweet girl. And a HUGE hug from this side of the ocean! You've been more than a comfort to me this past year, you've been a constant, and a close friend. Thank you for all the prayers, sympathy and encouraging in the Lord.

I love you, Sadie girl. May God bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you, and give you peace.

With love and gratitude,
~ Jean Marie

P.S. Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention ... my family swoons over and fawns over Sadie Beth like she is a little Irish princess. Which she is ... but, Ack!...nevermind the analogy. When I talked about it being her birthday on Monday, Dad got this huge grin on his face, and told me to tell Sarah how much we love her, and Mom got this "Awww-sweet-Sarah" face on that made me almost groan out loud, and Kimberly had like ... apparently, already sent her a card or something. Hmm ... guess I'm the bad one in the family.

They love on her so much, it's kind of ridiculous, and I kid you not, once, when Sarah was here, I asked to do something, and Mom said "No", and then Sarah asked the same thing 20 minutes later, and Mom was like - "Sure! We can do that!", and I'm like ... "Whaa...? I just...", and Sarah was laughing her head off, and I was like - "Mom, you love her more than me!", and Mom was like - "Glad you finally figured that out." .... jk. :) My Momma loves me more. I think. Hahah HAHA! :D

P.P.S. For those of you who know our girl, leave a belated happy birthday comment for her!! And for those of you who don't ... we hope you find an Irish princess to be friends with too. Haha. Leave comments, ya'll! 'Cause we love our girl, even if she doesn't like boiled peanuts.


  1. Awww . . . happy belated birthday, again, dear Sarah! :) I love the pictures! You truly are very dear! Thoughts and prayers for you . . .

  2. Have another happy birthday today, dear Sadie Beth. It is true that I love you and it is true that I love my Jean Marie even more. You are a special and dear friend and we thank God for you. Hello to your family in England...from your "mother" in America. Mrs. Fambrough

  3. Oh Plonker - you're so sweet and dear - and you make me laugh too! Loved that post. Posing for pictures I can do. Venturing into potentially alligator-infested country I cannot :-D. And having fun with you and your family? That I can do, and I love to do it. I'm blessed to know you guys.

    I love you muchly, Plonker - even though you feel you have to remind me that we * cough * lost the war :-D

    Hugs to all you dear Fambroughs. Thank you Kimberly and Mrs Fambrough (yes - my American "mother" :-) for your sweet comments, Mr Fambrough for your message, and my very own Plonker for a very special post.

    Sadie Beth xx

  4. Happy Birthday! I don't know you...but I thought I'd wish you a happy birthday anyway.

    Oh my goodness!!! You don't like boiled peanuts!?!? Hmm...well. I guess I can overlook that one flaw. (Haha, juuuust kidding :D) I was like raised on boiled peanuts...otherwise I might not like them either :P


    P.S. What part of Ireland are you from? I don't have any connections or anything...I'm just curious :)

    Had THE most amazing time trying to video chat with you on your birthday! Such sweet memories of you fill my mind...of course those are the ONLY memories you EVER seem to leave in your wake! :D I am so proud to call you my friend and sister in Christ.
    I would send you some sweets in the post across the pond and all that rot, but alas, I have neither your address, nor the funds with which to send a blessed present. So, this humble comment shall have to suffice. :)
    Know that I love you and am hugging the laptop with your picture on it (though it is quite awkward, hard, and not'a'tall as Irish as thee). But still... :)
    May our Lord continue to bless you in your faithful labors for His Kingdom! Love and hugs!!!
    ~Anna :)

    *God save the Queen...*

  6. Thanks for the birthday greeting, Emily :-). To answer your question.... My dad's from Northern Ireland and my mum's from the Republic of Ireland, so I am Irish/Northern Irish (we're talking about two different countries here!)by blood. I was, however, born in England, but I lived in Northern Ireland for a large part of my childhood. We lived about thirty miles south of Belfast....

    Anna... Thank you for your sweet, loving comment! I hope one day I can hug you again in person, instead of your having to content yourself with a picture on your laptop... A cyber hug doesn't quite cut it either, but as it is better than nothing, here we are: * hug *

    Glad you enjoyed that rather unusual video chat :-D

    In return for your final comment...: God bless America! :-)

    And God bless Anna too...

    Sarah x

  7. How nice to hear about another Irsih Lass! I'm Irish too!



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