Fun with Picnik -

The other night it was about to storm, the clouds were dark and the wind was skipping them around and whipping the leaves and bushes into rippling, rustling shades of green. I sat against one of those rushing shades of green that was shaped into a springy oval, and looked up at the sky.

And saw this. It 'twere lovely.
I sat there and gazed up at the dark sky, and patches of sun rays, and I decided I wanted to take some pictures.

Because I wanted to remember the warmth of a summer driveway under my feet.

And the wonderful sunlight that shines all over my face.

I already had my camera in hand ...

and a skirt on to feel lovely and ladylike ...

so I set up the camera in the garage...on top of a trash can and a car towel ...
and took a few ... without the remote, just on the 10 sec. timer ...
... and I do believe I am happy that I did! :)
Once I got the pictures on the pc, I decided that I would only find out how to work things on editing with Picnik if I just got right down and did it! And so I did. I sat down, and tweaked and turned and unsaturated and saturated and uncolored and so forth. I did them all different. I threw all the instructions and ideas and directions out the window, and did whatever I liked however I liked, just so it looked like I wanted it to.

Some of them I barely touched - like numbers 1 & 2. And some I went gung-ho, on, and giggled in delight, like the last two. I hope you enjoyed looking at some editing fun, because I sure had fun editing! And learning, too. :)

Love you all, and thank you for all the sweet comments ya'll leave me!

Thankful to call the Man of Sorrows - my Savior,
~ Jean Marie

P.S. Oh, and don't worry, I haven't gone all 60's on you...that last picture was just too fun not to mess with, though, and vintage IS vintage ... no matter. :)


  1. I really like the last picture :-)


  2. Great pictures Jean as always :-) I think the last one is my favorite though :-P

    Joel :-)


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