Thursday Beach Aftermath -

Hey, ya'll!!

Well, recently, (last Thursday) our "gang" got together for a looonnng awaited beach day at Flagler Beach...and although it didn't turn out quite as expected ... we were rained out in 40 mins, and sat in our vans and ate oreos and chips and ran back and forth between vans, and ended up eating pizza across the street (yummy) and then getting back into the freezing cold water after the storms ... I think it was one of the best summer days EVER. Like EPIC Summer Day. Epic, I say.

May I say that swimming in the ocean and floating in the waves as the night grew ever darker and watching the sun set and spread its pink and purple hues upon the waters was epic as well?
Epic, epic, epic.

And running a ways down the beach until I couldn't breath, yay for being in shape ... not ... was also epic. And getting sliced by a crab, and bleeding and thinking about being shark bait, and playing ultimate frisbee, and face plants in the sand and sonic booms under the waves, and looking up to see a good 3 feet of water about to hit you at full speed and weight and shrieking, body surfing and almost getting smacked by surf boards (thanks, Emily), and being "saved" from the rips by Becca, and the broken boogie board, and freezing in the rain water, and eating pizza and laughing hysterically, and drying my hair at the resturant with paper towels, and crossing the street shin deep in puddles and losing the flip flops, and loving living here, and taking pictures and seeing everyone, and feeling like summer and our gang are my best friends ever. Seriously, our gang is also epic. It is all Epic.

Sigh. I think it is my favorite thing for us to do together besides Barberville, which is coming up in ... 3 months! WHOOOWEEE! :D Thank you, Emily Case for organizing it, those g-chat replies and planning made me laugh, hahaha! It was GREAT seeing everyone and meeting new friends and being together. Oh, how, HOW... can I describe it? AH! Genius is upon me! It was (ahem) EPIC. Full of epic-ness.

Late, late, after darkness had fallen, and skeeters had too, the Fosters, Mom and I, Gabe and Lane, and Emily Case gathered back at the Hope's house for a quick change - oh, praise be that we brought dry and non-sandy clothes. We filled up on more oreos, and re-hydrated ourselves. We seriously stood around and gulped down water. Especially me, since I had drunk half a cup of very salty water at the ocean side. Wise, I know. It wasn't exactly my idea. Where was I?

Oh, yes ... so, and then after getting de-sanded and de-salted and de-beached, we played some cards. Let me amend that - we played some Spoons. Not just any spoons, but some Plastic Spoons. We rocked it. Sort of.

Proof of the Beach aftermath - right here! Ah, and this part also was ... epic! :) Muwahahaha!

Lane and Joseph ... we were figuring out what to play.

The group - minus Lauren and I. From LtoR: Emily Case, Becca, Gabe, Cameron, Joseph and Lane.

Cam, Joseph and Lane ... showing us his amazing card trick that left us shaking our heads. :)

The cards ... duh, duh, duh, duuhn. Haha.

Cam - completely immersed and captivated by Gabe's iphone's games.

HAHA...I just HAD to include this crazy one of Joseph laughing ... or something...hahahaha!

Smiles all 'round -

Our dear Emily Case ... and Becs in the background. :) HAHA... I love these girls.

Emily Case taking a picture of the spoons ... look at the little green light! :D

The much fought over spoons...I love this game!

The Momma's ... Mrs. Hope, Mrs. Case(hidden), my Momma and Mrs. Foster.
The leftover food that was not devoured during the downpouring rain at the and non-organic oreos, popcorn and chips!

Now that only a few are left playing, the others turn to their electronics. Cameras and phones.

GO, Emily Case!!!

She wins!!! Congratulations, Emily Case!!! :D Only right, since she was the Planner for our Epic Beach Day.

HAHA...flashing her hand and a silly sweet face. I love you, girl!

Thank you, Hope family, for the wonderful time at your house! Twas a great time!!! :D To everyone - we must do it again, and it was great seeing ya'll! I love our gang!!! Much love to all!
You can see other posts on this wonderful day at - Emily Case's blog, she has pictures of Becca's on her blog, and at the links that are posted there - Mrs. Smith's blog, Lane's blog and Joel's blog.

God bless, ya'll! :)
In Christ we all are joined together,
~ Jean Marie


  1. Great post Jean, It was an "epic" day :-P

  2. Aaah, I'm just loving seeing everyone else's pictures and remembering our fun {epic} time at the beach. :]
    Epic is a great word to sum up the day.
    Love you too! Can't wait to do something fun again!


    It was a fun day....
    I love all the pictures you got! The pictures of when Cam and Gabe are totally lost in the world of itouchs!LOL! All the pictures of everyone smiling... what a great day! Great post, Jean!
    Love you


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