A Farewell on a Saturday -

Hello, ya'll,

This is a somewhat different post, as it spans over two days. Instead of just posting twice, I have combined it. It starts on last Friday, when I cleaned Kimberly and I's car - "The Buckhead Bullet" to ready it for the next day, when she and Daddy would drive it up to Atlanta, GA. I wanted it to be in the best shape and condition I could put it in. I vacuumed the entirety of the inside, as well as the trunk. It looked so great when I was done - like new! I thought that I could hire myself out to people to clean their cars, because I actually like to vacuum and clean them up. HA. Give me a call, people. 20 dollars per car for the entire inside. :) Unless you have a Stretch Hummer...then we must negotiate. Anyway - back to The Bullet. After I finished vacuuming, I washed the car, taking my time to get it done well. :) And it was - I was pleased. It took me more than an hour, and ended up wet, soggy and happy with a job well done.

It was the prettiest day outside to wash a car - the sun was warm, the air cool, a breeze blowing, the birds chirping, singing, arguing, the trees rustling, the sound of my heart beating to the quiet prayers in my mind and my mouth singing of God's deep love. It was the best music to me.

And because I know you want to see pictures - here they are.

My faithful tools.

My name written by Mrs. Neu on my special Home Ec. bucket from High School. :)
My happy little wet and bare feet and splashed jeans. :)

Ta - Daaa! A clean and happy Bullet! She is a Honda, and a sweet little thing, and is in my sister's possession to drive all over without me. Hooray. I reminded her to maybe wash it once in a very great while, because she failed to do so last time....there will be problems, I said! :)

The hood - and the twilight and trees reflected upon it.

Check out the clean shine! Nice, right? I certainly think so!

Plus, I just love a good side view - and winter trees in the reflection. So rare to see!

From the front - one clean car. It was my going-away present for Kimberly as she heads off again to GA. :) Not back to college, but for a Mama helper/Nanny position with some Christian friends of ours in Cumming. That's the long and short of it!

So, Mama and Kimberly took a walk whilst I was still washin' away, and when they returned, Mama was holding a turnip! This sweet older black man who lives a couple blocks down gave us one, he grows them in his backyard! I was so excited....it was a beautiful turnip!

Such lovely colors, and you gotta' love that dirt! :D
Gettin' washed in the sink - unfortunately, due to a kitchen mishap, we did not end up eating this wonderful veggie, it perished in the mishap, but maybe the nice man will give us another one. Because I would have loved it with some butter, or maybe mashed with some b. sugar.
And as the evening came, and the car dried off, I took just two more reminders of our Florida winter that actually was cold. For the record books, of course. :)

Day is done, gone the sun.... :) Bring on the night lights provided by the lovely moon and -
the little Delta 2 Keppler! Of course, I was not close enough, nor having talent, blah, blah....this was the best picture that I got. If you want to see real pictures, head over to NASA. At any rate, we were thankful it got off okay. The wind was not with us, so I had the very first launch of my remembrance without sound. Yes, you heard me right. It was soundless, and so very strange. But the atmosphere was with us, and we saw it for a good long while! :) Way to go, little Delta 2 Keppie! You da' lil' rocket, you! :) Kim, Dad and I all were happy. It went off at 10:49pm, that's why Mama was in bed - just for the record....she missed out. Oh! Must tell you something more, that I cannot fit into my extremely long explanation above. Watching the boosters come off was more than amazing! Kim and I were actually concerned, because unlike the shuttle, a Delta 2 rocket has about 9 to 12 boosters around its base, so when they are done, and come off, it's not all at once, but at different times....so we saw what was two boosters, and then another one, and then about 5 or 6 after that in a fireworks type display. I was much relieved to not learn that it was breaking up! It was a new experience at night! :D

Now we come to Saturday - Kimberly and Dad left early that morning. Kim actually drove the whole way! Good job, Sissie! I um, was photographing the event, which should not surprise you.

Some of Kimberly's pretty sweaters, all folded, and in a stack of cabled colors. :)

Dad and Mom heading outside to finalize some of the packing. Or so I thought....hehee, heh!
This is what actually happened. May I just say something quickly, please? Thank you. This is my new favorite picture, and will be for a good while. Can you say perfect sun flare? Wow. And they are heading into that sweet kiss, but while the shot lasts, they are stopped there. Lost in that moment, burned into my memory - a loving and tender marriage in one shot. Sigh.
AHH! I am not one of those teenagers that think it is annoying when my parents kiss...no, indeed, I quite like it a lot, especially when I am around to take a shot of it!
Awww, and look! Look! Then they smile! Haha! AWWWW......okay, okay, must move on, before I get all gushy and teary - eyed, and my heart goes into lapse mode. Oh. My.
The well packed trunk, thanks to an Airforce organizer Daddy.
Kimberly's lunch and snacks for the ride. We love PB&J here. We really do. Nothin' like it! :D

Dad, of course, must have his trusty morning coffee at his side! And his cup for his trip! :)
In which I am happy with my (fine, our) clean car, and that I got those shots of Mom and Dad kissing! AH! Oh, yeah, so, this has been a happy morning....until I reflect that Kimberly is leaving. Oh. Not so happy anymore. In fact -
This is more the reaction around here to Kimberly leaving. A sad face. Yes, it's true.
I miss her already. :( And while I don't really look like this while I am sad, you get the idea! It is not an excited face, although dear, I'm happy for this opportunity, really. :)
For some reason, they weren't ready, so I headed off to take more shots of Saturday morning goodness...and spring is arriving with that rain we got recently, and the warm sun! Some leaves appearing on our Chinese Tallow trees.

Signs of a dry winter... dead grass, with a few green blades, and a 3 inch slice of ash from a nearby fire. Oh, how we need rain! We are forecasted already for a dry summer and fires.

My coming out Maple tree that is always a month behind every other maple in the area. Haha.

The Holly blossoms smelled so good. My, my, I wish you could have smelled them! So sweet and fragrant, almost as good as orange blossoms, but not quite. :) The bees were loving it!

I truly do not mind bees - as long as you don't get in their way, I like them fine, and they like me! Although, I do occasionally have to remind them that my hair is not a flower!

One of our oaks in full spring attire. Lovely coming out, just lovely! (applauding)

The also fragrant and profusive jasmine blossoms.

And I find that spring is not the only thing in the air... love is as well! I get back to find yet another kiss by the car! Mama needed some loving from her man, because she was having Mama withdrawl from Kim leaving. :) Not that I mind, I understand a bit. I love you both!
Awwww! Goodbye, Daddy, see you tomorrow! Yes, he was flying home the next day. :)

And then we said our farewells to our little Scottish lass. Our Lizzie Bennet. Our Molly Gibson. Our little dolly. Have fun! Fare well! Drive safe! And that was our Saturday morning. The Saturday evening events post shall be saved for when I return from Missouri, next Monday. For I am heading out in just one short day from today, for the birthday of Miss. Jessica L., and the wedding of John and Audra, and it's excited and thrilled I am to be goin'! :D

Okay, ya'll, well, until I return from Missouri, this is Jean Marie over and out! :) God bless.
Be family, stick around, and leave me what you think!

Constantly in need of my Savior,
~ Jean Marie


  1. That was a sweet and fun post, Jean. Have fun in Missouri!

    Kimberly - may God bless ya up in Georgia! Drop me an email some time and let me know how things are going! :-)

    Love to you both,


  2. Wiping tears from my middle-aged eyes
    as I grasp for a brief moment,
    the brevity of our lives.

    O, how we must walk it well, in cadence with our Savior.

    You are a precious work Miss Jean Marie.

    ~Mrs. Lynn

  3. Lovely post Jean!
    I really enjoyed it.
    Yes, a very clean car :)
    Oh! That poor wittle turnip, so sad :(

    Hope you have a fun, safe trip to Missouri!
    And I can't wait for the Saturday night post!!!!
    Love ya

  4. She is here and safe and sound! :)


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