Goat Fest!

Hey, ya'll!

I know, I know...long time, no post. Plus you are all running around in circles screaming in panic because I haven't posted wedding, Missouri, Ligonier or Goat Fest pictures yet. Well, panic no longer.... hmmm, actually, these are only the Goat Fest pictures, so....I guess you can still panic. Just a little less panic....a little is good. Back to the post. Uhhhh....oh, right. I remember now.

So, Goat Fest 2009 at the Granatosky's house! This was my first year, and Mom came along as well, and we had such a splendid time, clapping hands, eating delicious food, and fellowshipping with friends there! It was March 7th, a Saturday afternoon to evening - 4 all the way to 9:00 or so, when we left. :) For those of you who are wondering about the term "Goat Fest"....it is a goat festival (this year was one of the years they actually had baby goats, due to Eunice and Lois, the Stone's goaties), and bluegrass and instrumental music is played by different groups! So, because it was weeks ago, I'll just let the pictures show how much fun we had. :)

When we arrived, the Granatoskys were playing with a fiddler and a sax - person. Sorry, I really have no idea of the correct terminology for that.

No matter, you can see what I mean. The G's have a rigged deck (w/electrical mikes, etc...haha, not - rigged deck...get it? Rigged deck? HAa aha HAHa! Heh...eh. Heh? SIGH.) - gazebo that was just the perfect setting and since it also had lights, they were able to continue on at night while still seeing their music. :)
The sax player was so good! I really enjoyed hearing a sax. This young fiddler was good too! :)

The afternoon light was just perfect ... to shine upon their instruments.
Miss. Fiona getting her hair done by her mama.

She is a little sprity 2nd generation Irish lass...complete with freckles and love of dancing. :)

HAHA....I was spotted by Olivia as she waited with the group. Becca is reaching up to pull Olivia's hand from blocking her face. This one cracks me up! Sweet Mrs. Foster is there, too.

LtoR: Cam, Anna, Audrey, Olivia, Emily, Becca, Juldan, and some others I do not know. :)

I really do not get what the whole fun deal was with Olivia hiding behind her bodhran that day. :D

Olivia, Cameron, and Becca.

Two young smiling little "Krickets". Ah, childhood days of warm sun, free hair, and smiles. :D

Miss. Kricket organizing and instructing.
"Okay, everyone...it's just like any other time, just play and have fun!" :) HAHA! Olivia's face!
Ladies and gentlemen - the Fiddling Krickets! :D WOOT! You had better believe I was cheering! Haha.

Playing away -

Concentration upon her little face.
Emily playing on Cameron's guitar (I later learned that he was very kind and generous in allowing her to play it during the Stone's performance). Okay. So, she was standing behind the gazebo, and it was breezy, and sunny, and she looked pretty(duh), and she was playing it a bit! I really love these shots, because they look like musician shots to me. :)
Wow....looks so posed. I wonder if she saw me? Most likely her little...inborn stance. :)
Zoomed out a bit.
She saw me by now. :)
Miss. Fiona irish danced for us during one of the jigs...she did a great job on soft dirt!

Yep. We loved it. :)

The younger girls finished...they headed off to look at something or other.

Emily came to sit next to me...not that I stopped taking pictures then. Ha. Aww. I love you, dolly.
Here's Becca playing away! Go girl, go! :D

Some grins all around from the applause.

Haha. Anna(top), Seamus(middle), Olivia(bottom). Seamus liked having his picture taken. :) It's rather funny, actually, because Anna is looking left, Seamus at me, and Olivia - right.
Anna...I think she was concentrating on not being too fast.

Becca and Cameron.

One of my favorite shots of the night. Three in a row down like a staircase. Gotta' love that red hair, huh?

Juldan and Miss. Kricket -
While Mama was playing ... and beautifully, you know, if you have ever heard her ...

her little boy, Johnny, plays volleyball with his dad. :)

It was more of throw-it-as-hard-as-you-can-over-the-net volleyball. :) Picking it up -

Getting ready for another "shot". It was great to see him enjoy his time...it was so cute... when I was getting food, Johnny was up there, and he looked a little panicked because he couldn't find any hotdogs until I opened up the grill, and he smiled in relief. :) So cute.
These lovely and heavy vines covered the arch that was the entrance to the backyard, and believe it or not, the house is on a hill. Yes, you heard that right. It was a trek up and down!
Sweet Mrs. Foster, and Mr. Foster... they were so kind in allowing Mama and I at different times, access to their chairs. Thank you! And on the ground: Mom and Mrs. Sharp.
Talking with homeschooling moms is always great. :) I rather miss being grouped like that.
Then "Men of the House" played. It was really nice, they had a sax, guitar, two fiddles, a cello, and occasionally, a switch off with a mandolin. Sounded great, like usual. :) They play this Waltz that is SO pretty and long. I just love it!
Singing....or, if you are really in that mood, it is "sangen". :)

Mr. Granatosky.
Mrs. Granatosky...the gracious and welcoming hostess.

Mrs. and Mr. Foster, and Becca, who was video-recording some of the songs. As the sun set, it got colder...that night it got down to 45 degrees or so, and we were outside! :D COLD!
A look through the trees ... a willow on the left, maple on the right.

The sunset.

There were several "Fido's" running around that night. About 5 or 6.
Some pretty flowers.

Hey, Anna! :D
Mrs. Stone talking to a Morse boy. That's little Eunice she is holding! She is my favorite baby goat, and is the one that I held most of the night. Look how tiny! They are all legs. :)
Mrs. Stone cuddling the little thing...they were only 2 1/2 weeks old, and the dogs did great with them, sniffing them, but not growling or barking ever, which was really great. :D
One of the cockers.
Some of the people enjoying the show.
Techy monitoring.
And - some of my best shots... Mr. Stone and Anna sitting together. Awwww.
Aawww!!! So nice. I love the chairs, and the B&W, and they are talking, and SO oblivious.
Until...she shoots something . :)
More playing on as the afternoon fades into pink and bluish hued dusk.

The crowd.
Olivia smilin' at me, with little Lois in her lap.
Wow, Audrey, great smile! :) Audrey and Olivia and Lois, of course. :)

Men of the house play on...

A large shot of the amount of people that were gathered.

Ah...there we all were. Sitting in our chairs and upon our blankets, cuddling close some little goats, as the night closed in, the stars came out, the music played on. Wonderfulness, I tell you, absolute wonderfulness.
A shot from "up the hill". Haha! :)
It was such a lovely, wonderful night. I was so glad that Mom and I went. Plus, later, we got to hear the Stone Family Band's first official time performing as a band, that is! And ... since Becca was recording on camera, all the Stones were playing, Mama and the Fosters don't really hold goats...I ended up cradling both Eunice and Lois on my lap, wrapped in two blankets, snuggled tight up against me. The little things were hungry and wanted to go home, and announced to the crowd in no uncertain terms what they thought of when the music stopped. Every single time the music stopped, they would poke their heads out of the blankets and go - "Mehlaaaaa!!!"! It really was loud, and people would laugh, and I would wrap them back in, coo and talk and hush them down for another song. :) I knew that it was a once in a lifetime thing, though...sitting under the stars in the black night sky wrapped in a blanket, holding two baby goats, listening to some beautiful hymns and bluegrass, feeling the cold breeze, and their tiny bodies burrowing into my arms, keeping them happy. Being peaceful. 'Twas a happy little me. :) And that - my friends, was Goat Fest 2009! Be family, ya'll! :D God bless.

Hope you enjoyed the look!
Ever resting in God's love,
~ Jean Marie

Just one more special picture! Credits go to: Miss. Becca F. for taking this posed shot of Anna and I and Eunice! Kisses for the little girlie goat! Becca nicely allowed me to use this shot, because I loved it the minute I saw it! :D Thanks, Becca!

Anna...you are so much fun. :) Thanks for letting me hold the goats that night! Love you.


  1. Awwww, Jean. I love it your pics. I miss you. :)

  2. Thanks, dear. Nice of you to say. :)
    Love you, and miss you too.
    ~ Jean Marie

  3. OH....the much anticipated Goat Fest post! I love it! Great pictures! In that one picture I look overly concentrated, I make really weird faces when I play :P
    With that one picture of the gazebo you can really see how steep that hill was and I am sill surprised no one fell down(well more like, I am surprised that I didn't fall down it)!
    Yes, very nice pics of our green clad group! And I like the picture of my parents, your mum and Mrs.Sharp! You know what, we both forgot to mention about the hotdog in the cake :P hahaha! Yes, that one waltz was incredible...(deep deep sigh).....Metsakukkia, a Finnish waltz at that!
    Okay now I am rambling on :P

    Wondeful post of that wonderful night!
    Love ya!

    no no nooooo pressure....but is Barberville part three post on its way?

  4. Looooove it!
    Had SUCH a good time wit'ya dahlin'! :D
    I say we needs must do it again, yes?! :D
    SUPER lookin' forward to Barberville :D

  5. HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!!
    I am *OFFICIALLY* saying that I love, love, LOVE the middle picture of Dad and I...so...there... :)
    Thanks Jean for the special post, I really enjoyed perusing the pictures and laughing about various and sundry moments throughout the evening that you captured so well!
    Love you much!
    Anna :)

  6. Cheers!
    cheers cheers CHEERS!
    I love it!

  7. Oh, no...I have the anonymous commenter now? Haha...guess it is a popularity thing, then. Yay for me.

  8. yeah, i guess that would be a grand thing, eh? :)
    Love ya!


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