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Hey, ya'll,

Wednesday was Fambrough Ladies Shopping Day....just because we had some things we needed to buy, and some things we wanted to buy...and just things that we wanted to see. :) We headed out at 9am or so, and drove over to drop off the Bullet at the car dealership place to get an oil change, the lady there asked if we were going shopping, and we smiled and said yes. She asked where. We said The Millenial Mall, and she groaned good naturedly. Then she talked about us eating some good burritos there, and we said we were going to split a Cheesecake Factory salad....and she jumped in and said "and cheesecake!". :) I replied..."Well, it all depends how tired we are after walking around.". Haha...she told us to have fun, and I said "You too!", and when we walked out the door, she turned around and announced to her co-workers - "They are going shopping at the Millenial Mall!!"! It was so funny, we laughed all the way back to the car. :D Haha...makes me smile just thinking about it.

It was such a lovely day, when we left the Millenial Mall, we went to the chiropractor, where Kim and I napped in the car, under the looming shade of one of my favorite living oak trees in Orlando, and then we went to Winter Park really quick, and saw one very huge dalmation, two sprightly pugs (one black, one cream), and two terrier dogs that I cannot define off the top of my head...that dalmation, though, would be at least up to my waist or higher! Then we went to Whole Foods, and then to Waterford for another hour of shopping and trying out some clothes that weren't at the mall. And then....we drove home! :D Hahaha....sorry. Could not resist. We actually played very little music all day, as we were chattering about something or the other, and laughing about things. :) I am thankful for the blessings of the day! God is so gracious to give us laughter and joyful days together! And Daddy - a very giving husband and father. :)

I was rather writing a post in my head all day, and although it is not very complete, I want to put it on here, anyhow. It gave me something to do, while I waited at various times at the mall.

If you were -

- the black man with friendly eyes at the dealership with the backpack passing me to your car

- the man waiting in his empty taxi

- the men fixing the door at the mall with incredibly shrill clanging blows

- the girl walking briskly through the mall, never looking up from reading her book, all dressed in dark clothes

- the mother and daughter, equal in height and smiles, holding hands

- the mother with her hidden baby under a trendy shawl nursing him, leaning back against the couch to gaze up at the glass ceiling, the picture of peace and stillness.

- the family from out of the country, looking at me, then looking away, never meeting my eyes

- the girl sitting alone talking into her iphone

- the two elderly couples that were smiling and laughing together, shooing their wives into Ann Taylor Loft to shop, and walked on to a bench - you shared a smile with me

- the 18mo. old boy in the stroller pushed by his dad, your eyes locked with mine and widened when you noticed my gaze, your cheerful "DA!" to me made me grin, and you leaned over the side of the stroller to wave at me as you left my view

- the store assistant with the cheery attitude and a similar name to mine, that offered compliments and conversation - Jeannie Marie, who reminded me of Paulina

- the kind girl shopping in Anthropologie who surprised me with graciousness when I bumped into her, responding in such a sweet and cute Southern drawl that I wanted to hug her

- the girl sitting crying next to her male companion, who talked quietly to her, hunkered down to see her face underneath her cap, you sat with handkerchief in hand, shaking your head, seeming not to notice the looks and people walking by - I desired to try to comfort you

- the little boy in his camo jacket and a little "Shopper in Training" grocery cart, chattering to his sister in Whole Foods, with his adorable black curly hair

- the older daddy talking with his young little son who was literally running rings around him

- the man with his homeless sign asking for money in the median

- the older gentleman who beamed at me in passing as I stood in a doorway, swaying, smiling and singing along to Nat King Cole

If you were ... I saw you.

Probably one of the many, many hilarious jokes and laughter filled moments of the day came from Kimberly on our ride home in the dark. I told her as soon as we all recovered from laughing that "I'm putting that on the blog!"! :D I quote what she said - "I don't care how many people they are getting, they are probably just tares anyway!" ! HAHAHA...hah haha, hahaha, haha, ha, ha!!! Oh, my! :) And no, I will not give you the context or the (ahem) reason why that was said, but it was fine, of course, having come from Kimberly. Sweet little, older, hilarious and wonderful dolly-Kimberly.

'Twas a great day spent together... and, as Kimberly is headed out to GA on Saturday... a good day with good memories, to last for a good little while. :) I love you, sister dearest!
Be family, ya'll, come 'round whenever ya' like!

In renewed amazement in God's loving mercies,
~ Jean Marie


  1. You are so talented with writing these things.You have a great gift. All the detail you put into everything,I am in awe of you.
    It was so enjoyable to read :)
    Love ya,
    ~Becca(who loves Whole Foods)

  2. Becca,
    I am not really that talented, I just work hard at it. And, really, I don't think I am all that good - I just write from my heart, and dig down enough to where I have to get it out. I love to think that God gave me a passion for writing. :) Dear, thank you for the praise, it is sweet to hear when I am down with getting it right. :) Thank you!
    Love you,
    Jean Marie


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