The Stone family's first Hymn Sing -

Greetings, blog readers! :D

On the 27th of February, the Stone family had their first official family Hymn Sing! I mean, even though I don't think I have ever been at the Stone's house one single time that we haven't sung at least once, this was the first official event named so. :) Huge thanks to the Stones for their hospitality, for sharing their time, and opening their home to all of us! I speak for all of us I think, when I say that a most lovely time was had by all! There are few things better than spending time together with like-minded friends, unless you are singing praises to God! I'll let the pictures tell you of the fun and great singing we had! You can see more pictures here. They are some great shots, good job to Miss. Emily Elizabeth, it was great meeting you in person! :D

Our songbook of sheet music -

The beautiful and sweet Mrs. Lynn. Gabe's mama. :)

Anna dearest, looking so lovely with her hair up...and, actually, this was not posed! I shot it, and she looked over, and gave me a - Oh, great...what now? kind of a look! I love her! :D
And I just loved both shots, so I put both in - Mrs. Lynn, we love you! :)

Mr. Stone leading us in a favorite - "Come Thou Fount" on guitar and voice.

Father and daughters - hahaha...I laugh so hard at this picture, because Anna and Emily's attention faces are not really all that serious! HAHAHA....oh, I love their expressions! haha...

Something is being mentioned here - wish I was in on the secret! is just so cute! "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!" :)

Miss. Emily Case shooting with her Canon Xsi, I believe? The white haze at the bottom was Lauren's attempt to ruin my picture with her sheet music, but actually produce a nice look!

The men (Mr. Stone was up there, just not in my shot) leading in the singing - thank you, men! LtoR: Joseph H., Mr. Case, Mr. Hope, and Alexander Lynn. Gabe and Mr. L. were in GA. :)

The view from the row behind - Kimberly singing and looking so pretty. :) I'm biased -I know!

Little girlie - Claire O.'s head.

Miss. Kathleen O. and Miss. Michelle L. sitting together, and flipping through their music.

And...when all else is in blur or motion, choose someone from the audience. :) Joseph H.
Anna singing....she might not like me putting up pictures that she has not seen, but I like this picture because... hmm. Do I have to have a reason? I just like it! :) A lady of grace, she is.
Mr. Case holding chubby 5mo. old Boaz O. :) He was passed around among the men.

The sweet little tyke on Mr. Case's shoulder. Awww....

And after the and fellowship! These dark chocolate covered strawberries were excelllent! Plus, the green glass plate was so pretty.

A closer look at the juicy goodness -

Providence looking outside at Olivia's kitty - Dandelion. The kids loved the cats! haha

Miss. Providence was probably the most photographed of the children! :) We all loved her little pigtails up in orange bands...she carried around a huge styrofoam cup for her size, filled with ice, which she would suck and crunch. Her cup was distinguished by a bite into the foam!

The cute little lady herself. I was so excited to get a clear shot of her, because most of them were in motion and blur! :) Ah, well.
Alexander, Joseph and Emily trying to figure out some problems on the computer.

One of the many pretty decorations on the Stone's walls. I love dried flowers!
Haha...most of the night went like this photo - half of us were not paying attention during the picture taking, or laughing about something or other, and one person would be grinning to beat the band! I love you, Miss. Emily dear. wonderful of me! I got Zander, Lauren, and Anna....but no faces! Great job, Jean!
Like I've said before, I love me a pair of shoes - Joseph's and Zander's.
Anna took the camera, and while I'm not too in favor of my face this close to the camera, Zander's bemused expression is great! :D
I took the camera back, to get this very spontaneous and squishy hug from Emily to Anna. :)
The four of us - Lauren, Anna, Emily and I. Lauren, what was so exciting over there? Why? :)
Hello! Um. Hello? Joseph? Anyone? Wow...I'm not even looking at the camera! Oh, well. Laptop had captured the attention.
Oh! There we go! LtoR: Anna, Lauren, me, Emily Case!!!, Emily S., Zander L., and Joseph . Look at Emily Case's face! Hah, haha! And I think Emily S. was just holding that camera, not taking pictures with it. Great fun, you guys - I so enjoy our clan groupie!
I was first just getting Emily Case, and then Zander popped up, and Emily S. squeezed in to hug Emily Case. I gave up and just decided to take the picture! Emily Case cracks me up!
And that was the evening! We set a new record....we only stayed until 11pm. :) Good for us! Thank you again, Stone family! And it was wonderful seeing everyone. God bless, ya'll! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Be family, and come back 'round, and leave me a comment letting me know what you think!
Ever grateful more so now for Calvary,
Jean Marie

P.S. A big thanks to Joseph for taking those impromptu pictures of us! I'm not sure if they are on Anna's camera, or Emily Case's, but whoever has them...I would like some if possible! :D


  1. :)
    Well now, thanks for comin! The night wouldn't have been the same with out ya!
    <3 ya!

  2. "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!" I was just singing that song today!

    Great post & pictures Jean Marie, I loved it. What a wonderul night it was. :]

    Hope to see you again soon!

  3. I'm so glad you have a blog that I can read and see a peak into your life while we are apart. :) Actually :( . . . I miss you. :) Love ya, dear sis' . . .
    In Christ, Kimberly

  4. Thank you, Emmy dear! I love you too!
    I always love being with you!

    Thanks to you ,too, Emily Case! It was a delight meeting you in person, I'm glad you liked the post! It was wonderful, due to good fellowship and love in Christ!

    And, yes, me too, Kim. I'm glad you read it, and comment. Yay! :) I miss you too, love.

    God bless,
    Jean Marie

  5. Hey Jean! Spot on post! Sorry I haven't left a comment in awhile, I've just been tooo busy :) Taking pictures of you all was really not THAT bad. :D


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