I'm Home!

Hello peasants! And....non-peasants!

Yes, I am home! :) And whilst I was sad, and pained me little 'eart to leave Missouri, the Littmanns, and all me dear friends that I love there, it is home I am, and home I shall be before Thursday, when Mum, Dat and I will drive over to Orlando for the "Holiness of God" Ligonier Conference. And...as it bein' this fine and fair day of Christian celebration of a mighty man used by God in spreading the gospel of our Laird (Lord) to Ireland, it is me joy to wish you all a "Happy Saint Patrick's Day!"! Dinna' ye' forget to praise our most holy and awesome God for sendin' that man to serve Ireland, and be God's servant with 'is life. And dinna' ya' as well forget to ask God where may He send ye as well! Be it close or far, we know that He will give ye the strength fer it!

Although I wear not the green today, I celebrate the life of a great man, and encourage ye to do the same! I enjoyed a goodly amount of green yesterday at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and here is a picture of me enjoyin' it...to tide ya' o'er until the journey's posts. I'll be needing yer patience, ye' understand....since I am in possesion of around 1,350 pictures of Missouri!!! :)

With thanks to our gracious Laird, now and ever,
~ Jean Marie


  1. That's a very sweet picture of you, Jean :-)

    So happy you're home, Jean!
    I wasn't wearing green today either... until I was getting ready to go to FPU which we're not going to :D
    1,350 pictures!!! My, my, you are the avid photographer! :)
    Can't wait to see you!

  3. Peasant. *pfaw*
    You SO stole my greeting :(
    Oh well, I guess I'll have to forgive you ;)

  4. Thank you all! And yes, Anna, I did most certainly steal it from you...it makes me giggle every time that I say it, because I remember you...so, you should be honored.:)
    Love you three,
    Jean Marie

  5. You are home! Oh! I can't wait to see the pictures, they all must be lovely!

    Love ya and have fun at the conference :)

  6. Cute pic, Jean! But, then, that's just you. :)

    Oh well, love ya anyway!


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