John & Audra - March 14th, 2008

Hello to you all!
This post was thought of quite quickly as I chatted with a dear friend in MO this afternoon...the thought came to me how much fun it would be if I could do a post on her and her betrothed! She agreed, much to my surprise and delight! Her name is Audra, and a lovely girl she is. She is also choke-on-your-own-breath-hilariously funny, doesn't mind getting hugs from me, laughs easy, teases mercilessly, has hundreds of different expressions, and can give you that "look" that makes you feel guilty for being too loud in her family's bookstore. She will be a wonderful wife, mother, and homemaker...and people will LOVE to go to her house someday. :D And she is engaged to a wonderful man - Mr. John Notgrass.

I am proud to say, that I knew them before they started courting. Alright, it was only 2 weeks before, but still! I had the pleasure of being in MO the same time that John was, and when I had lunch at Audra's family's place, I got to know him a little bit. Jessica L. had given me the insider hints that John was maybe going to ask to court Audra, so I was having quite a lot of fun watching him and Audra all afternoon, although I never said so. Their wedding is on March 14th of next year, and I am beginning to pray for that day, as I have prayed for the two of them since they started to court. John and Audra, I love you both, and may God bless you abundantly with His grace, and with many little Johns and Audras!

Note - these pictures were taken in June 2008, in Troy, Missouri.
Here is Mev (John's sister), Audra, and Jessica L. I had no idea that much later I would look at that picture thinking of a bride and her maidens. :D

John writes and plays and sings quite well, and he blessed us with a song that afternoon.

Later on that night, we watched Stephen L.'s short film that has been entered in the 2008 SAICFF! LtoR: Mr. Thrower, John, and Mr. Littmann.
Bethany(Audra's sister) writes songs as well, and plays and sings beautifully. The whole family has a very strong dry sense of humor that made me laugh all day long, and Bethany is no exception! She is also very sweet and fun to be around. :D Thank you for your song, too!
Here we move on to Audra's younger bro's: here is Mr. Drama who was pushed/fell out of the canoe. Notice the excited expression of one of the people in the canoe. We knew it would happen sooner or later.

And Audra's youngest brother, who looks so very sweet and calm in this picture, but later in the evening dumped about a gallon of pond water out of a bucket straight at my legs, soaking my jeans. Haha. Umm...I did not say "Thank you", but I think I remember Audra laughing. :)
Hmmm....oh, and did I mention that this beautiful girl is going to be a bridesmaid? I am beyond excited for her! Miss. Jessica Littmann (below). She will be SO lovely!
Here we are the morning before heading over to the Thrower's home, dressed for church. LtoR: Miss. Renee Joy L., Miss JM, and Miss. Jessica L. All dressed in white! :) I love you, girls!
So, John and Audra, congratulations on your coming marriage! For more pictures, and their love story, go here. Enjoy looking at it! By the way, I am mentioned on it, I just noticed that! I am one of the "folks" that John mentions at the picnic in June! Haha. I am so famous I just can't stand it.
My love to you all,
In God's mercies,
Jean Marie

Okay, okay, okay, I just had to post this picture! It makes me smile so big every time I see it! It's a sweet picture of Jessica L. and sweet Miss. Lydia Serven, and hilarious Stephen popping into the picture! Ha HA HAH AHA!!! It's brought me lots of laughter. Good job, Steve. Nice.

* Update!!! - Exciting news!!! The bride, Audra, has so graciously invited me to her wedding! And of course, I eagerly and with much excitement (I'm sure you can envision this) accepted the invite. And tonight, the 16th, I talked with Miss. Jessica L., and she very sweetly (after her parents permission) agreed to allow me to come and stay at their home! I invited myself into their home, hoping that they wouldn't mind a chatterbox full of energetic hugs and a-mischievous-quite-a-lot-of-the-time-girlie being around for a couple of days. Turns out, I think Jessica was almost as excited as I am, (would you believe that?!) and wants me to come! Aaahhh!!! I love you, dearie!

I look forward to March now, so very, very, VERY much! Thank you to the dear Littmann family for wanting me to come, and to Audra for the invitation. And thank you, Lord, for such loving, sweet and kind friends.

With much love and excitement!!! :D Haha!
~ Jean Marie


  1. Great pics Jean! That's certainly exciting news!

  2. COOL!!! We know the Notgrass's from book fairs, etc. We sell their books, too. Looks like y'all had fun! :)

  3. Really, Lyds? That's awesome! They are so neat. :D

  4. Aww Jean Marie! You are very sweet. What a wonderful blog post. And I love the pictures. That one of Luke is just great!

    I do have one correction for you. You actually were over at our house 2 days before we started courting, not two weeks! So that makes you extra special. I am really looking forward to having you at the wedding. You will make a special day even more wonderful. Love ya girl.

    ~ Audra Thrower

  5. AHHHHHhhhhhh!!!! (is melting into a puddle on the floor) are so sweet! Thank you for saying that about the wedding...I am looking forward to it so much! I know you are too! Haha. Wow. 2 days,huh? Neat. I feel so special now. :) Aww.
    I love you too, and can't wait to see you! :D

    ~ Jean Marie


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