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Hello all!
Well, let me tell you the sad news before the good news, so you leave this post happy. The sad news is that this beautiful person(below), Miss. Sarah Magee, left Florida to go back to the UK on the 5th of December. :( I miss her quite a lot already. We sang "The Parting Glass" in the Orlando airport, and as I sang it this morning by myself, it was not the same without her voice singing it in the other room with me. I love you, dear Sadie Beth!

And for the good news - look who is home for Christmas!!! Kimberly! And, all her stuff! :D YAY! Sooo good to see her again (all of you who are excited she is home, leave a comment)!
And look who/what else is home! Our car! The Buckhead Bullet! If you are from Atlanta area, you will understand the name, if you are not - uhhh...ignore it. So. I rushed out to see our car when Kim came home, and as I kissed it, Kim told me that she had not washed it. Once. Not at all. Not even a drive-through-shampoo. The poor Bullet! I was appalled, and resolved to wash it soon.

The hood of the car....filthy, absolutely filthy...friends of Kimberly - WHY did you not tell my sister to wash her car?

Can you say DIRTY? - Dirty....good, good.
And here in the garage I ponder why we have two full bottles of Orange Pumice Soap Scrub.
So, I decided before I washed the car last night, to walk around the house and look at things, and for some reason, I got, umm....stuck taking pictures because of the camera I was holding. Is that an eviction notice? (Cue dramatic music) Oh, wait...we own our house. Nevermind. :D

I surprised Kimberly by rustling the leaves in front of her window whilst she studied for a test - I love her scared/surprised/amused expression that I captured here...haha! I am faintly in the window reflection on the left...hello! Glad to have her home...hahaha.

A pretty leaf on the corner bush.
A beautiful hibiscus flower that was so gloriously bright red!
A lovely array of fall leaves, we've had the best FL fall in 15 years at least! Long and lovely.
A wintery shot of another Chinese Tallow tree. Personally, I love this one a lot.
Soooo....I know you are dying to see the clean car pictures - Here they are! I actually was wondering how the car looked like last night, as I was finishing the last half in the dark, with the outside light, and a metal spotlight hooked up for light so I could see....it turned out great!
Hooray for a clean happy car! The beautiful Buckhead Bullet that God has blessed us with.
An opening hibiscus, ready to wonder the world with God's creation of bright hue and detail.
Another shot of beauty....so amazing God thought up all of this.
"Off with the old, on with the new" doesn't quite fit this picture, because the old has it's own beauty, a dry, withered fallen leaf still reminds me of the Bible's reference of pursuing money without God.... "the flower falls, and its beautiful appearance perishes, so also will the rich man fade away in his pursuits."
Turning from green to gold to brown to black....reminds me of the human heart full of sin...wow. I am really in a thinking mood tonight, haha!
The blustering wind was blowing these clouds in, as I snapped this wintery photo. (Poetic!)
Completely random, but I seem to be famous for red herrings anyway, so why not keep up the tradition? I love, love, LOVE the orange in this picture! It is the sun glowing through our garage door.
So....I thought I would tell you something. Remember when I said that I was finishing washing the car in the dark? Oh, it was a breezy, waltz-on-the-deck-by-the-water kind of glorious night...no mosquitoes, or bugs, just lovely 65 degree weather. (Told you....red herring) Well.
I thought some very deep and various-sundry thoughts, and I wanted to share them with you here. They are also reflections and umm..."Oh" moments.

  1. Plugging the metal spotlight plug into the live extension cord with wet and soapy hands might not have been a really good idea.
  2. That I could be a billionaire if I invented a Soap-Squirt-Gun with dishsoap in it, to use on car-thieves. Just aim at eyes, and you've got them. I mean, what hurts worse than soap in your eyes? They'd be blinded! (I thought of this one as three teens walked by, shouting gleefully back and forth to each other, and I unplugged and shut off both lights, refer to #1)
  3. That hurling the last of the soapy water in the bucket(about a gallon) onto the top of the car might not have been a good idea, since half of it came back on top of me. Umm...WET?

So. Yes. There you go. For those of you who are waiting for Sarah Magee/Jean Marie pictures, they are coming. But there are about 1000 of them in all, and I have to figure it all out. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, everyone....may God bless and keep you.

Thank you! Ya'll be family! :D
~ Jean Marie


  1. Aaww!
    Sad Sarah's gone. Glad Kim is back! Can't wait to see you, Kimberly Dear!
    Like your blog's facelift, Jean!
    Love ya!

  2. All these pictures are so fun!
    You pick such creative shots.
    Shows the simple beautiful things in life, the things that God has blessed us with.

  3. Good work on your blog! Its a really nice change!!! :) I only met your sister once, and she probably doesn't remember me. But its nice to see you back. :)

    Hey Jean, Hurling the end of soapy car water back on your car isn't a good idea. Not because you got it all over you, but because you throw all the dirt in the bucket back your car. :P Oh well. Good post :)

  4. Thank you all...Emily, thanks, I love the "lift" too, and you shall see her soon! Rebecca, it is the small things that matter more to me, those quiet beautiful details of the wonder of creation, thank you for the compliment! I try hard to capture that.

    And Joseph - HA, ha! Okay - um, I looked at the water in the bucket, and it wasn't very dirty, because I had been wringing out the sponge before I plunged it back into the soapy water, and all the dirty water was on the ground....really. I wouldn't have done that...well, maybe I would have. Anyway! I hosed it down well after that, and swiped some extra spots. You saw the clean car pics. CLEAN!

    God bless ya'll
    ~ Jean Marie

  5. Thank you for my welcome home, Joseph and Emily! And, yes, I remember you, Joseph! :) And, Jean, I agree. . . I love your pictures!
    In Christ, Kimberly

  6. That was a pretty cute little tag you put, Jean about your thoughts! :D
    Have I mentioned how much I like/love you oceans lately? :D
    Love ya!

  7. I love your oceans too, Emily! :D

  8. KIM KIM KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am SO happy you are home...when next we meet, you simply must inform me of all your goings on! You have been absent so long, my heart years for some "Kim talk."
    I'm very glad you made it home safely and LOVE your (and Jean's :) new car. Quite a transportation device you've got there. :D
    Love you and can hardly wait to see you!
    ~Anna :)

  9. Yes, I am VERY glad Kimberly is home, too....but.....I STILL MISS HER LIKE CRAZY AND WILL BE TERRIBLY LONELY AT CHURCH ALL BY MYSELF!!!! :(
    But, oh well.... ;)

  10. HAH ha ha ha, Lyds! :D

    Yay for you leaving comments - good girl! :D

    With love,
    Jean Marie

  11. Oh, I forgot to say hi to Kimberly.
    We met at the homeschool graduation,we were all the helpers.

    Jean isn't great when you get to see your siblings after a long seperation, I just love to see my brother even if we have been seperated for at least a week.

  12. Yes, Rebecca, it is! It's been nice having a sister around again!
    Thanks for reading my blog!
    Blessings to you too!
    ~ Jean Marie


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