Want to buy a Space Shuttle?

Well, the news is out...if we retire our wonderful space shuttles, you could very well buy one! Hey, it's only 42 million...for a SPACE SHUTTLE! I mean, come on! Who doesn't want one? That perfect gift, for the special someone...oh, it doesn't come with any main engines, though. Just so every Johnny and Jimmy and Jill don't get it into their bright little heads to take it anywhere. Kids, this is what you've been waiting for! Yes, you wonderful children that think you are worth 42 million, come get your shuttle, oh, next year or so, and I promise you - there will not be a kid on the block, nay, the WORLD that does not envy you...unless they have one of the other two. :D

Read more about it here.

For those extremely bright kids who will later invent things like the next spaceship that is supposed to take us to Mars...I'm sorry, Mr. President-Elect, but I think we should have mentioned that it will take the person in that rocket 5 YEARS to reach Mars...so, yeah...maybe not such a good idea? Maybe just leave Mars to the Creator, and wait until you get to Heaven to be taught about that one. Or send a little probe...oh, I'm getting off track. Back to those extremely bright kids.

They are also selling the shuttle main engines. That would make a beyond-cool entrance to your home. People open the door, and stare down a gray, ringed cone that you finally have to pop out of at the end, and viola! Wonder world of all wonder worlds! An engine in your home! It only weighs 7,000 pounds! HA! Sweetness. You would be like..."Oh, hey. Yeah, pretty neat piece of metal, huh? It only cost about 800,000 dollars, and then I had to ship it over....haha. But it was worth it! Amazing little doo-hickey. They are very rare you know, and extremely powerful...why, little Quirky Quentin is going to design the next rocket to hook it up to...but, of course, who would expect any less from someone who has a main shuttle engine for his doorway entrance!!!"! HahahahaHAHAHAHa....I am having way too much fun with this article.

Oh, my. Okay, well, go read the article...and that picture? Amazing beyond amazingness. I love it.

With laughter,
Jean Marie
(The one who is NOT buying a shuttle, because I am humble! :D)

Oh, and for the record? I want Endeavor, because it was the first shuttle I saw ferry-ride. Just sayin'....


  1. I want to buy one for my little Timmy! And I want those engine things, too! He's a brilliant kid, and I am sure will make something of them - whatever they are. Can you have it all to my house by Christmas of 2010? You see, Timmy will be in his terror two's that year and I kind of want something special for him. :) hahaha . . . Oh, so incredibly funny, dearest sis! You are such a captivating writer with a wonderful imagination. :)

  2. Just what I always wanted! Not :-). So affordable for your average person, too. Forget the credit crunch, buy a space shuttle!!

    Hee hee, Kimberly, yeah, what a great gift idea for a two year old :-D. I'd advise you to start saving up right away though :-D.

    Love to ya both, Kim and Jean.

    Sarah x

  3. Hahahaha!!! Too funny Jean :D
    I had read about that yesterday, to me sounds really weird. Any person can buy a Space Shuttle.
    Now I just need to convince my dad to buy me one, I just don't know where to put it :P
    I personly want the Atlantis(for absoultly no reason at all, maybe I just like the name)

  4. Kimberly - I am SOOoooo not babysitting that Timmy! And he is SO not getting a main engine to play with...thanks for the joke. Ha. :D

    Sarah - of course you want one! HA!

    Becca - Okay, you can have Atlantis, but Endeavor is MINE! Well, it will be. :D

    Hahahha...thanks, ya'll, glad you enjoyed the fun.

    ~ Jean Marie

  5. Hey, hey, don't leave me out of this amazingly awesome deal here!!!!! I soooo want a shuttle tooo!!!!! YES! Man, this is exciting!

    ;) hehehe, oh my goodness!:D

  6. Wow!
    $42,000,000...what a bargain!!!
    Where do i sign?

    *hahahha* :D


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