Some wonder -

I love my friends.
I tell them often, so much that we respond almost without thinking about it, because it is a given. I am blessed with amazing friends, that are amazing because they put up with me. What is more amazing is that they tolerate me and laugh about it! And not only do they tolerate me, they actually do something more amazing than that, something that blows my mind when I consider how much of a sinner I am in need of grace, that they give out, under God's grace to them -

They actually love me back. A lot.

Which makes me love them even more, for loving me under God's grace.
A much humbled in God's care,
Jean Marie


  1. I love you too, JM!

  2. AHHHHHH!!!! You left a comment!!! :)
    Am so excited am grinning SO big!
    Thank you for loving me, Audra....


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