Christmas poll results -

For my Christmas poll - 5 people voted. :D I view that with much hilarity. Thank you for voting!

Peace among family and friends won with 2 votes! - 40%
with these also voted for:
1 vote for Peace on earth
1 vote for God's will to be done, and
1 vote for Snow from the sky.

I heartily hope that the person that voted for snow from the sky, was not living in Florida, because I believe you most likely were disappointed. :)

I hope that your Christmas was peaceful, that you were full of praise for God's will being done, and that there was peace among family and friends resting in the joy of the coming of the Christ Child. Mine was, and I am so thankful for it!

With love,
Jean Marie


  1. I voted for Peace on Earth :)

    Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas and God Bless :D

  2. Ya I was disappointed. :( Just like I am very year that goes by without snow.

    But really, Peace on earth and Gods will be done, are (when you really think about it) in conflict. If you study Revelation peace on earth won't happen till Christ comes back and destroys the earth. Then and only then can we have true peace on earth.
    So.. really when you pray for peace on earth this Christmas you are praying that God would return this Christmas and rapture the world. And as we all saw that didn't happen....
    Just an observation I had.... :)

    Happy New YEAR!!!

  3. I was thinking of more smaller scale than just complete world peace. I was thinking of peace between countries, families and friends. We need the peace that God gives when we have lost a loved one, or something else terrible has happened to you, to let us know everything is going to be okay.

    That is how I took that poll choice, maybe I really misunderstood.

    God Bless y'all in this "New Year"


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