Shopping -

Today is our Orlando shopping day! We are headed out now for Winter Park and then to the Millennial Mall, oh, and heh, heh....the Cheesecake Factory...YAY! :D Pictures will be taken, uploaded, and you will be able to see them soon! The picture above was taken in Mt. Dora, from this past weekend trip there...a post coming on that too! I have to sort through 317 pictures of mine, and about 150 of my Dad's! We love pictures, can you tell?
Love to all...
~ Jean Marie


  1. Looks like oodles and loads of fun, Jean and Sarah!
    Can't wait to see pics!
    Love ya!

  2. Ok, so where are all of these pictures you spoke of? :)

    love, Laurie

  3. Haha...coming, they are...coming.
    I'm glad to see someone was waiting!


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