Counting Down to 2009 -

It is just 1 hour, 26 minutes until the year 2009, and I think this is the first year I have not been excited on New Year's Eve. My family is being sweet, playing a game, eating food, watching a movie together, staying up until midnight, and toasting and praying it in...all the things that I usually have to make them do... haha. Maybe I am missing the challenge? :D Nooo...

I think I am sorrowful over an America that has lost her founding in God. I love America, and I love what our founding fathers stood for. Things America is ripping out of her heart, and her people, things that will be "changed" in 2009. I've never been for change...if you most wanted to identify me with someone, it would be Jo from Little Women. I live that quote - "Why do things have to change? Why can't people just be happy where they are? I like the way things are." I am not in favor of change, unless it is "good" change. :) All of my friends tell me to get over it, that change is good, inevitable, not all change is bad, and if we didn't have change then good stuff wouldn't happen! I end up mumbling in agreement, but still feeling sad that people had to have something different. I know, I know...I am going to get lots of flak for this. And...I like good change, I LOVE good change.

However, I am saddened, grief-filled, nay, I am mourning the thought of what will come in 2009...if Obama fulfills what he says he will. I am dreading the days ahead when I will see the America I love applaud what President-Elect Obama tells her that the bills he is passing are what she deserves. That new freedoms are what we've been needing, all this time, but have been deprived of. That change without a God, or King Jesus is good! That believing is okay, but living under His will, laws or actually living out your faith and standards(gasp) is absurd, ridiculous, and unAmerican.

Which is maybe why I am not bouncing around the house squealing in delight that another year is coming...I am very excited about many things the next year holds, but not what changes the government will bring. Or that sinning leaders in charge will bring. Or how the world continues to hurt, do battle, and reject Christ.

I take comfort that God's kingdom is forever. That His kingdom has already been established. That He is never surprised by what happens, is never dismayed by how things change! He already is King of Kings and God over all. He already is Lord of the Universe. He already knows.

He already knows what change is coming. Because He planned it, because He designed it so.

I just have to change my mindset to love God's changes more, and love America less.

On that note - A Joyful New Year of 2009 I wish to you, that your hope is established not in kings, lands, kingdoms, leaders, people, actions, promises or changes...but that your hope is established in the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Mighty Designer of our little world.

A joyful New Year to you all!
~ Jean Marie


  1. Happy new year, Jean

    (Slightly belated, but anyway! :-) )



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