Tricia & David -

Barberville is in full swing. Well, it was in full swing. :) And will be again tomorrow. But for right now.... Barberville lovers everywhere are all just falling into their beds or sleeping bags and wondering how something can wear us out so much. It's like an amusement park.....on steriods.

So I just edited a few pictures from today, and haaaad to post this adorable one I got of Tricia and 8 month old David. She said "A Mommy one?", and I was like "OF COURSE!".

They are the sweetest things ever. And Cody of course too.....I was declared to be his favorite friend that day after I dumped Kettle Corn into his hands while he was on traffic duty. Hahaha. They are the best.

and due to the late-night-ness of this....I'll just let you soak in their sweetness, and look next week for full coverage of Barberville fun!! And being my normal indecisive self, I put it in B&W too. Enjoy.

Tricia - I love you. You make my heart glad.
Cody - you make my heart laugh.
And David - you make my heart praise.

Love you,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. I can't wait to see them, whenever that is! David is SO adorable. And Tricia is like the perfect mom.


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