Thanksgiving 2012 -

Well my Thanksgiving was wonderful. :) How was yours? Here's the video that I put was sooo much easier than uploading all the pictures and sorting them and uploading again to the blog. I love doing this! Especially because I get to add music. Of course, when I went to add music to it today, I agonized for an hour or so because I don't have any Thanksgiving music. What? haha.

So I just put two favorite songs to it, and I love it. :) I'm going to suggest you go watch it on Vimeo, because you can see it HD as well as a LOT bigger than here. Just click the title or "vimeo" down on the right corner of the video. :D

Oh, and two shout-outs of JOY to:
Tricia, whose 20th birthday is tomorrow. I love you, Tricia!! You are so very special to me.
My parents, Ed & Mary Ellen, who celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary yesterday.
 Love you, Momma and Daddy!! Thank you so much for showing me what Biblical, loving marriage is every single day, and for loving and caring for Kimberly and I the best that you can.

With much love,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Very sweet, Jean. Thanks so much for sharing your views of a golden day of blessings. God is so good!--mcd


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