Jamboree Days '12 Day 1 -

Okay, y'all.

 Well. I may have underestimated the size of the second part of Day 1. *cough* I may have underestimated it by a long shot. Heh. Oops. Your feeds are probably crying now. Oh well! I thought about putting it into THREE posts, but since the pictures were already up, that seemed unnecessary. Either this will be one of those times like when I discover a treasure post and sit back with some spiced apple cider and put on some sweet music (aka: what I'm doing right now) and just enjoy reading and looking for 20 minutes OR this will be your mind imploding because "Please, no more pictures ever.". Which rarely happens to me, but might happen to you. Let's hope it's the former. Oh, and there are videos at the end. ;) At any rate ..... enjoy the second part of Day 1 of Jamboree Days!!

After I enjoyed my picture ramble through the backwoods of Barberville by the Lewis cabin, I came upon (man. how I would love to just sit here and write a small novel ... this seems like a story) Loner's Junction all spread out on the grass. Gabi was flipping through his notebooks of songs. If I didn't adequately tell you last time - he is amazing. His songs make me love FL more, love God more, love Heaven more, and cry more. haha. God has really gifted him!!

This looked like the perfect musician shot, with notebooks and a guitar case and Abi's dancing shoes in the corner. And Gabi's beat-up Chef hands. 

Abi's dancing shoes. She is a genius - she put pretty laces on hers! Next up for me - find some turquoise laces. haha. 

These crack me up!!! HAAHAhahahaa. Aaron has the best faces. 

Obi and his sweet fiancee, Emily. This is what happens when Gabi takes the picture with my "awesome" camera. hahahaha.  

Gabi took this one too!! They are so sweet. When Obi sings, he looks right at her with this special smile, and it just melts my heart!! I'm so thankful that God has answered prayers in such a sweet way.

Miss. Abi. Her birthday is tomorrow!!! Happy 18th birthday, dearest Abs! I love you. ;) 

Hahahahhahaa. Blackmail Picture Wars. I got home and laughed my head off. 

My favorite. The light was craaazzzzyyy. This looks like a Morse Family Band album shot. 

HAHAHahaah. Progression of a Cheesy Smile. He's the best. 

Sweet Georgia Rose - again. Shooting from the hip, I didn't get all of her, but it looked so cute, I couldn't help blogging it. She loves the Football Hold, just like I did when I was a baby!

Loner's Junction in the barn. Gabi and Obi.

Obi and Aaron. 

Avid listeners. 

MamaLala and her Mama!! Caught them in the schoolroom, watching the dancing and eating ice cream. :) What gorgeous smiles! 

Miss. Katie and a friend talkin'. 

Typical Zander. ;) 

Oh that face. Is it just me, or does the plaid make him look like a lumberjack? 

Old clothespins and a linen laundry caddy for sale at the silent auction. 

I adore the colors in this one. It makes me want to put it as my desktop picture! :)

and this one - Heavens to Betsy, that golden amber at the bottom. *sweeeet*

In the kitchen .... whites and teals and glass make me super happy inside. :) 

So do old windows, and wooden bowls and white light. 

Mmmm. Autumn wheat. Love this. 

I'm not sure, but I think these are cast-iron pan makers for bagels and doughnuts. 

In other words, if it was for sale (which it was not) then I would want it. I mean, I want it anyway. haha.

The dancing in the schoolhouse was chaotic. And hilarious. In other words - it was wonderful. 

Left-hand star! You'd be surprised how in the thick of things, how many people have a moment of panic trying to figure out which hand is left and goes in the center. Don't judge me. Wait until you try it.

Smiles and listening for the instructions on how not to die. 

Swing your partner!!

Upon leaving, I discover two Baptists trying to sneak in some beer. They look exceptionally guilty and surprised. Oh, Joel. You need to work on your poker face. Upon further inspection, it is deemed they have floats. Ice cream and root beer. Well played, Reformed Baptists, well played. 

The Root Beer Float in the sun's glory. Nutrition Facts: Happiness. 

Please hold while I scream in delight over the next few pictures. Remember these? Well these are the rest of them....I melt over each and every one of these. Being with David is so special to me, and his joyfulness reminds me to be joyful as well. Tricia is such an amazing mom, and she and Cody love their little boy so much. Not to mention she is ridiculously gorgeous. I mean. Really. 

Mama kisses

That sideways look cracks me up! 

sweet sweet lovies.

Oh, those golden baby curls.

Up in the sky....smiling at his mama. What a sweet baby. 

The Settlement closes down for the night....

My TWO bags of Kettle Corn. One for me, one for Miss. Iola - it was her birthday! 

Two of my favorite portrait pictures EVER.

Pure beauty. I love you, Tricia. 

Sunflare + Stunning Tricia = WHAT.

Kettle Corn faces of excitement:




oh, serious Beri. :) 

Afterwards, since Barberville closes so stinkin' early in November, the Browers invited a bunch of us out to their farm for a bonfire. We had a wonderful time! I had been battling a headache all afternoon, so I wasn't super company, but I tried. Aka: I spent some time by myself in the sunset light.

Lord, let me always live in the South where the sun lights up the Spanish moss like glory thread.

My favorite time of day. 

Luke with his homesteader rifle. He handed it to me and told me it was for my protection. I only got one shot off down the yard before he took it back. haha. I'm kidding - it wasn't real. 

Unreal light. Duke just makes this look like a Southern Living magazine photo. 

Lauren crosses the yard to join me on the swing, and gives me a chance to bend the light around her.

And this is what happens when someone else has the camera and now I have to pretend to be normal. It never works. I turn into some awkward person that doesn't know how to pose. Hahahaha. 

Okay, this looks sort of normal. 

Aaaaaand we've hit normal. Lauren said: "Make an angry face" Me: "An angry face? What is my angry face? or rather... which one....". This was the one that made Lauren laugh. hahahaha. ;)

Hahhaah. I pretty much laughed at my ineptitude at being normal in front of the camera, which is weird, right?! 

and then I got the camera back, and took one of her making the Puppy Dog Look. No one does this like Lauren. It makes me feel like I should give her tapioca and laugh and feel sorry for her all in one moment. ADORABLE.

I fell in love with this one and I'm not sure why. I just love it. Probably because she's so cute. Love you, L.

Soon after taking this picture, Beri called to us in a forlorn little voice from the garden, to come over where she was. I walked over, expecting she and Lacy to be picking flowers, only to see Lacy rocking back and forth, crying in pain. I literally threw my camera to Lauren, saying "Oh no, she's hurt!!", and went over the gate to help her. Poor Beri was SO worried, and once I got to Lacy, I saw her holding her foot. She had stepped on a nail, and it was in her foot a ways. I told Beri to go tell Lacy's Daddy, and scooped up Lacy in my arms, telling her it would be okay.

I prayed over Lacy aloud as I ran through the garden with her, asking Jesus to heal her foot, and for Lacy to be brave, and soon she was sitting in Jamey's lap. I ran inside for some peroxide and a bandaid, and Mrs. Brower came back out with me. Poor Lacy was hysterical. It looked like it really hurt! Makes me wince just thinking about it. Mr. Burnsed felt around where the nail had gone in, and made sure nothing else was on it, and then in one swift move, pulled it out. And then we doused her foot in peroxide. :)

Lacy was brave, and soon she had her feet all washed up, in boots, braids re-braided by her Mama, and was clomping around the Brower's house. I scooped her up on my lap to snuggle her for a little bit, and we got to talking about how cute the little Browers looked when they were little. She said she wasn't sure she was cute when she was a baby! Haha! I was like "I'm sure you were, because you are so cute now!", and she giggled and said "I KNOW you were cute!" Hahaaha. It was so sweet. I was so glad she was okay, and that Jamey took care of her like the loving and capable daddy he is.

And then we all had smores and hot dogs and sang Happy Birthday to Miss. Iola and fellowshipped and swatted mosquitoes and generally had a wonderful time. Thank you, Browers!!

and now for the videos - :)

The Gaffney Brothers

& the compiled videos from the whole day, complete with videotaping the kiddos at play at the Browers. :) 

and that, my dear friends ... was the second part of Day 1 of the Jamboree Days. Hahaha. I told you it was long!! If you listen to what the kiddos are saying when they play at the Browers, it's hysterical. Luke and Provvy are best friends, and the way they talk back and forth is so funny!! 

Alrighty. Y'all have a great weekend now, ya' hear? 
Love you,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Love the pictures! As I was reading the story of poor little Lacy's foot I was sadden to hear that happened. It is good Jamey was there and knew exactly what to do for his sweet little girl. Sounds like Barberville and the Brower's were fun! Wished we could've made it, but hopefully we will to the Spring one:)

  2. Jean, I *love* going through your photos... {to be honest, I've been eagerly anticipating your posts... hehe ;) } The happy smiles, photo wars... {poor Aaron ;)} kettle corn, Baptist rootbeer, and golden sunshine all tell the tale of a beautiful day. Miss Lacy Jo is the sweetest lil' girl ever, isn't she? Sometimes in my conversations with her, she just leaves me speechless. ;)

    I love your photos, and your friendship. ;) *smiles*



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