770 days old -

Today Lucy Mae is 770 days old. Perhaps I should have waited until next week, when she would be 777 days old, but hey. I can always do it again. ;) After all, she's one of the cutest subjects I've ever seen!

She was lying on the study bed, which we've been camping out in for the past week and a half, because sister dearest has had a bad cough. She was a little sulky about something this morning, so I plopped her on the bed, and told her to stay. Then the light came streaming in, and I had to take some pictures. ;)

Such a lovey. 770 days old ....

 or 18, 480 hours old ....

or 110 weeks old ....

or 2 years, 1 month and 8 days old.

And I've loved her for 710 of her 770 days. What a joyful and trusty friend she is. I love her so much.

That last pic - she does this with me where if I look at her, she puts her paw on my nose, cheek, mouth, etc, until I talk to her or pay attention to her. It's soooo sweet. And then she gives kisses.

Have a wonderful last week of November!!
~ Jean Marie & Lucy Mae ~