Take care now -

(my camera)

A letter:
Dear EmilyCase's camera,
Hi! It's Jean Marie's camera. I'm doing well, actually, I'm doing great, because Jean Marie used me today, and the air was cool and I'm all clean right now. I saw you last night and you weren't doing so hot. I couldn't see you and say "hi" because I was wrapped up in Jean Marie's satchel. This makes me sad now because I didn't get to say hi before you were sent to the Camera Hospital to get fixed up. Jean Marie assures me that you will be back soon, better than ever. YAY EmilyCase's camera! This is GREAT news!

We've been on some pretty big adventures together, and I hope that you get back really soon because EmilyCase feels lost without you. When we get separated from our people, they feel like their hearts are getting torn apart and can't WAIT until we get back! Isn't that sweet of them. We work so well together with our people, even though we are different breeds of camera, we still love each other! YAY for being different and fun!

Last night Jean Marie used you and said you looked kinda' fuzzy on the inside, and that you were having trouble focusing. I understand. I do that sometimes too, but usually it's because Jean Marie isn't always exactly sure what she's doing. She's learning though. :) It takes some time. Maybe you felt fuzzy seeing EmilyCase dangling so high up in the air on that seat before she plummeted towards the earth at a rapid speed. I heard Jean Marie gasp, I think she was glad that wasn't her up there. I hope that it wasn't the spinning or the cold air or the bright lights from the FAIR last night that made you sick. If so, Jean Marie can totally relate. She only rode the slides and a few other non-dizzying rides, and I rode in back in the satchel! She was screaming. I feel a little deaf now. EmilyCase had a wonderful time at the fair, even though she was worried about you! She got some really lovely shots (as she always does) before you went to sleep for the night, you did great with your friend the 50mm. I'm sure it misses you too!

Get well soon, EmilyCase's camera, so that we can have lots more fun together!!!!
Come back quickly and hope you feel all perky and the best you can be!!
With love and a couple clicks back and forth of epic pictures ....
~ Jean Marie's Camera ~

P.S. Jean Marie let a fair worker hold me and take a picture while they were all sitting on a ride. I thought she was CRAZAY! I think that she thought that too, after handing me over. The picture turned out great, but I think we were all a little freaked out about it. I think she won't do that again soon so that's good! Hee hee! I worked as good as ever though! :D

(EmilyCase's camera)


  1. Hahaha! I can speak for my camera (who is still sleeping), that this letter was amazing. Thank you, Jean Marie's Camera, for your kind words.


  2. Is that the mani I gave you???

  3. YES!!!! :D It's a pic from TN. :)


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