Sadie & Jean -

Sunset on St. Auggie Beach last night .... a beautiful time. We wanted to put a few pictures up so that the rest of the lovely people over across the big blue wet thing (sea) wouldn't start to panic, as if we were never going to blog about having Sadie Beth here. So here, lovely Magee family, and Rachel F. :) We are loving having her here, and loving taking vast amounts of pictures with our Irish sweetie.

Headed out for another day together!
In the unending and abounding grace of our Father,
we are so so thankful,
~ Jean Marie ~

Photography by: Kimberly. :)


  1. Ooooh! Glad to see you're enjoying yourselves! Lovely pics... Are you going to get S.B in some of those cowboy boots of yours, and teach her a jig or two?!! Rachel x


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