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So, I've had weddings on my mind lately. That may not seem odd to most of you, after all, I am a young woman, whose highest goal next to serving the Lord Jesus Christ, is to be a wife and mother, should God so will it. But since I've been to 2 very dear girls' weddings this year, between 5 weeks apart, and several other acquaintances of mine are courting/engaged, weddings have been heavily on the mind. :) The two earlier weddings reminded me of the small-girl-joy of sighing over almost every single moment, and winking back tears, and smiling until my whole face hurt, but not caring because it was one of the most special days of my life. I remembered why I was so in love with weddings when I was little .... it was the God-glorifying joy and exaltation of His providence and graciousness.

So. Weddings. Friends getting married. :) I'm sure most of you have shared in the declared news of a very special wedding coming up ... and the engagement announcement on this blog - The Serven Clan. Such wonderful, precious, incredible news. Such joyous news. :)

I thought it would rather fun to put up some pictures that I have from this year's two visits to MO, with Rebecca in them, since this post is quite a bit about her lovely self. Unfortunately, I do not have very many of Steven, because it was not yet known to my knowledge at the time of their coming courtship. :)

The first three are from the March wedding of Audra and John Notgrass, Rebecca made Audra's dress, and was her "maiden assistant" in so many helpful ways throughout the day, I know this because I was not far from the bride and her maidens all day. :)

Rebecca and her mama, Mrs. Serven.

I truly did not know it at the time, but I joked about Rebecca carrying the presents to the waiting trucks, that she was "practicing for a future wedding", in this way. :D Haha. Is she not so very lovely? Yes. She is, and I have direct quotes from her betrothed who says the same thing. Only more eloquently. (smile)
Three Serven women - helping out with such joy. :) Sarah, Mrs. Serven, and Rebecca.
The next day, the Sunday, I spent at least 2 hours talking to Rebecca, and have been so very, very grateful to her for it, and deeply thankful to the Lord to have allowed us to talk.
LtoR: Sarah, Rebecca, Jean (me), and Beth. What wondrous things the Lord has done, to have Beth married, Rebecca engaged, just 5 mo. after this picture was taken. :)

Alrighty, since this technically is a celebration post of Steven and Rebecca, I must interject some Steven into the crush of things - Steven ... the groom to be, interviewing the new husband and wife - Jon and Elizabeth Ten Dolle at their wedding in April. :)
Steven was the caller for the English Country Dancing at Jon & Beth's wedding, and that is how I first met him. Apparently, he messed up my name the first time (happens often!), and Rebecca corrected him. :) HAha...I missed all of this, because I was rather nervous about dancing, since I had no earthly idea of what I was doing. Steven, however, remembers.

I've had the enormous blessing of being able to chat with Steven here and there on Facebook, and have been so very thankful to be able to get to know this man who wants to marry Rebecca. :) He has been so kind, and I do believe that I've said a couple times - "I must say - I approve this marriage.". And I so do. And did you know - Rebecca has found a man who can talk Old English, says "indeed", and "I trow" and calls Rebecca his "dearest". Oh, melt. I quote from one of the chats: "Rebecca thinks we are done celebrating ... but …I'm not stopped courting…:) like EVER ... ever ever.". (Jean melts from the sweet romance of it all and falls off chair) Goodness me!
I do believe, dearest Rebecca-girl, that the man loves you!!! :D

Thank you so much, Steven, for honoring Rebecca so, with words and actions and for waiting. :)

Rebecca is one of the most deeply compassionate women I have ever met, and a wonderful listener and encourager, that the Lord "doeth all things well in His own time". What things He hath brought about since last I saw you! :)

Rebecca has this way of tenderly hugging you, and suddenly you feel like the most important and special person in the entire room. She has a gentle heart and spirit, which I do believe, is a Serven trait, as all the women posses it. What generous kindness from our Lord.

Some tears and tenderness at the Ten Dolle wedding between Rebecca and a friend.

The first time I saw this picture, I cried. Now I cannot look at it without grinning from ear to ear, because there, in the far left side of the picture, is Steven ... smiling at the woman he was to begin courting quite soon. :) So many precious memories stored inside this one little photo.
And now we come to the sad news .... don't start crying, it's not that sad. :) For those of you who live in FL ... I'm sorry, but ... I'm going to be missing Barbarville in November. :) I know ... I wait all year, and then I'm going to be absent. I'll miss all the dancing ... and then again, I won't ... heh heh. I'll be dancing somewhere else. Perhaps ... in Missouri. (grin)

In my sister's words - "It is such an honor, oh my goodness, thank you so much! Yes! I'd love to! Oh my goodness!" (laughter). The honor? My dearest girl, my sister was asked by Rebecca to be one of her bridesmaids, and my sister accepted, with much, much joy and excitement!!! :D And then I needed to take a picture, for Rebecca, (hello, happiness!) and look. Is she not incredibly gorgeous?
Wow. :D I love you, sweet Sissie of mine.

And that is why I will miss Barberville, and why I am not 100% devastated over it ... because I have been bestowed the privilege of seeing a wedding of two very dear people - Miss Rebecca S., and Mr. Steven L. It will be one of the most special days, adding it to yet another incredible wedding on my list. Why? Because they love the Lord Jesus, and the wedding will be a celebration of their covenant before God, and through His incredible grace, and of their love. :)

We are so, so, so excited. We are rejoicing. We are prayerful.

And as I said to Steven via chat when I learned of the engagement - "Congratulations...on winning one of the sweetest and fairest girls on the planet!!!", and to which he replied - "Well, thank you very much. I am quite beyond honored that she said yes.". :)

I love you both, Prince of Rebecca's heart, and dearest Rebecca-girl. :)

In God's abundant kindness,
~ Jean Marie


  1. Jean, this is SUCH a sweet post! I love it. You have such a way with words...a very wonderfully unique way with words :)

    So happy for both of them! Something I have to share: A quote from Steven when telling me when the wedding is, "it seems like a looong time to wait! But she's well, well worth it." How sweet!

    I will miss you in November, but oh what a wonderful time you'll have!
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!


  2. This is such a sweet and honoring post Jean.

    Steven and Rebecca, I hope and pray that the Lord pours out His most Beautiful Blessings upon you as you begin your lives together.

    Your Brother in Christ

  3. This is such a beautiful post, Jean Marie. It will be nice to see you again, Lord willing, at the wedding, because my brother is going to be one of Steven's groomsmen! Steven was such a help at my brother's wedding this summer.

    I was reading all your observations and smiling in agreement with all of them:) You're right, Rebecca is one of the most gracious ladies. She always seems to say and to do the most proper things, while drawing no attention to herself and making her listener feel extra special! I need to tell her this sometime...

    Hope to see you in November!

  4. Hello Jean,
    What a wonderful post about a very special young lady who our family has had had the privilege to meet! We are so happy for them and we rejoice with them as they seek to honor God through their marriage and their lives. You will be missed but we are very excited for you that you get to go to the wedding and of course how exciting that Kimberly will get to be a bridesmaid! What an honor! We are happy for you both. See you tomorrow!
    Mrs. Hope

  5. Thank you for the kind post and comments, Jean and Folks respectively. Rebecca and I certainly had been desiring and praying that the Lord would be honored and others blessed in our courtship, now engagement and soon marriage! So it is neat to see you folks also rejoicing with us. Thank you.


  6. Happy Weddings to you!
    Happy Weddings to you!
    Happy Wedding-goings, dear Jean!
    Happy Weddings to you!

    (and many more! including your own someday!!)

  7. Stephen and Rebecca... I've never met you but I love you already! You two are so cute!!
    I'm anticipating lots of pictures, Jean. :) Your sister, my dear girl, is angelic! She has the most beautiful face! I love that picture of her. :P Miss you! Visit soon.

  8. Oh, Jean!
    Lovely post!
    I'm happy for you, Steven and Rebecca! I've heard SO many lovely things about you!
    I must admit, my dear, that I am most disappointed you won't be with us at Barberville... *sigh* I DO; however wish you happiness in your gallivant up to MO!
    Many best wishes to the bride and groom!
    Kim, I'm so happy that you're going to be a bridesmaid! It shall be fun, I'm sure!

  9. Lovely post jean! God is so good! See you later! BEACH! Love ya!

  10. Lovely post. Yes it seems this is the year of weddings Audra Thrower, and 4 others this year and two next year. Not that I will be going to all the wddings- went to one and will be in one. A reader !

  11. it was not yet known to my knowledge at the time of their coming courtship

    We've been courting for seven precious months now, as of yesterday.

    Sl of the future S&rl

  12. Jean . . . very sweet post, my dear sis.

    Steven and Rebecca . . . thinking of you-all and praying for you. Our God and you-all have truly been gracious to me that I might be so blessed as to share in this very dear time of two such very dear ones! Ever joyous in our Great God's perfect sovereign providence ~ in all things and in His bringing you two together!

  13. Beautiful....beautiful post,Jean.... i really enjoyed reading through the whole thing!

    Congratulations Steven and Rebecca! I am so happy for you!
    God Bless!


  14. I love the picture of Steven smiling at his future bride! What blessings from the Lord G_d!

  15. Kim, thanks for being willing to be part of our celebration!

    Folks, thanks again! you can probably see our new blog if you click on my name here.



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