Tag Photo Fun -

Well, ya'll, just for a bit of fun, I'll enter a little photo tag game. I rarely do this, but ... well, I didn't have a huge amount of choice other than ignoring the best friend who tagged me. :) Haha...I chose to see what my 5th picture was in my 5th folder of picture documents. And this is what it was -

A pileated woodpecker in our pine tree.
I truly love these beautiful birds, and am so thankful God created them! I love to hear their loud trilling calls, and spot them hopping up and down branches in the trees.

Now, I'm going to tag five people to put up their 5th picture in the 5th folder on their blog. :) Oh, and by the way, my pic is SOOC(unedited), so it's a bit dark. :) This really is quite quick, and I was really curious to see what was my 5th pic. :) HAha. I'm tagging: Lauren, Emily Case, Gabe, The Stone Family, and Becca. :) Hope ya'll join the fun!

God bless, ya'll, to all who read this ...

Mighty is the power of the cross,
to those who cling to the Savior Who hung there,
~ Jean Marie


  1. YAAAAY!
    You finally finished the tag thing :)
    Not that hard, was it? ;)
    Love the pic, Jean!


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