Barberville Spring Frolic - Part One

Hello, friends!

One of my favorite shots of the whole day! A sweet little lad in little laddie clothes. :) friends will love me again now, because I am posting about Barberville. I do have some explanation, though. See, when you blog, you have to upload pics...5 at a time from the end to the beginning. So, I started up, and about 50 pictures later I realized that I would have to divide it up into three posts or something, because I had ... 400 pictures. Yes, really. This post has over 100, and the next...I didn't bother counting. So, because I started at the end... my second post's pics are already uploaded, I just need to write it, but it took longer for the first one, because I had to "start all over" in a sense! :D I'm sure you got all that.

You are probably jumping over the words and speeding through the pics, so I'll get to it. This was my first Barberville Spring Frolic, even though I've been to many of the Fall Harvest Frolics, and I must say - this was AWESOMELY BETTER ... I would say that except that my Mamma is trying to wean me off of the word "awesome", and onto something more lady- dignified, like: "brilliant".

This only came about as a an effect from Miss. Sarah Magee...whom we miss like our cousin, ever though may she be a Tory. (wink) :) Off Mamma decided that she preferred Miss. Magee's words spoken in an Irish/English accent no less, compared to my somewhat "surfer slang". So ....

The 2009 Spring Frolic was truly BRILLIANT. Completely, very, wholly brilliant. Because - it had Contra' dancing, which I had refrained from doing in fear of failing....(non-brilliancy on my part), and in which I fall in love with it from the minute we start. It's true. I LOVE Contra and English Country dancing. Ok, we'll get to this later. On the whole, it was a very hot and oppresively humid day, the company was brilliant, the dancing was brilliant, the hot sun was brilliant, the music was brilliant, the day was brilliant .... it was brilliant.

And! I do believe that Becca F. might have won the band- wearing contest, let me know, whomever, so I may post it here, but last night I removed my fraying, stretched out, sticky purple access band. I wore it for 3 weeks. That was my limit. And...surprisingly enough, I did not go into withdrawls. That may change once I go through these pictures. But, enough talking!

So, Mumma and I went together, since Dad had work...and arrived just in time to hear Gailanne and Mrs. A. and another lady play together...of course, it sounded lovely! Great job!

Hugs all 'round...sort of. It was fun to hang out with some of the Sudlows and Peter B., and the Stones, of course...had not seen them in at least 5 weeks, and I was going into withdrawls.
Jeffrey modeling a Morse lass' hat he stole and havin' no idea that he was doin' it for the camera. :) Haha. Surprise! Nice, Jeffrey, very nice.
Dear Emily...and Anna and Mattie! Cheers for Mattie! :) She throws herself at Anna - "Pick me up!"!
A:"Okay!" M:"I like your necklace!" A:"Thank you!" Me:* click, click *
"Smile, Mattie!" "Aww, now I have your picture, so sweet!" Mattie: "Yeah." :D HAHHA!
Mrs. Stone and Roger talkin'.
The Fiddling Krickets group, plus a few extra fans/friends like Michelle on the far right.
"Hello, Anna!"
I believe we all got a shot of this...haha. Emily Case letting someone take a picture of her. :)
Lauren and I went off in search of the Lynn's, since Joseph had wondered off to get them earlier. Mrs. Lynn flung her arms open and sang out - "Jean Marie!!!", I felt like a hero! :D And very loved, Miss. Laura, thank you. She rather looks like the Sound of Music! :D Haha.
The guys walking back..."High noon. Duh, duh, duhhhh....the four rangers with their guns/stick approach the hideout of forbidden ice creams that are surrounded A's? :) LtoR: Gabe, Lane, Joseph, Zander.
And so we arrive with the Lynns...the Stones had all stayed at their house the night before, and Emily pretends like Zander is also the conquering hero that she hasn't seen in many, many summers. "Zander!!!"
"Hello!" Hahaha....get such a kick out of it. The Lynns are so nice about receiving hugs from us all. Truly nice, that. Do you see the couple on the left? The girlie who comes to the shoulder of the man on her right with the satchel? Mmm, yes. I know something. That is all I will say. Because it might be confidential and I don't want to be kicked out of the friendship that I just started when I met her that day. So there.
All those Model A's...I actually did not have a chance to roam them, because I was too busy dancing.

Lane and Emily waltzing.

And then, suddenly, Gabe and Emily C. waltzing, I have no idea what happened, don't ask me. Matthew Morse, on the right? He was so kind to ask me to dance and to teach me not only how to follow a guy on the floor, and how to waltz, but to promenade and twirl too. It was so fun and I messed up and he didn't care, and it was so nice. :)

Joseph and Emily waltzing...and Lauren and Gabe as well. They, apparently, had practiced! :D

Aww.... good job, ya'll! Wow...Emily, you are so...(cough) sweet and tiny-sized! :D
Mother and son tackle it.
Then the instructor tells us what and what NOT to do, thankfully, because Matthew knew what he was doing, I wasn't listening. Just kidding, I really was! :D

And then we head outside for the Stone Family Band's first(or second, depending) official gig! And I must get my usual picture of Joseph taking a picture, haha...this is a kind of war!

In which a bevy of pictures are taken, due to it being so important and because they can't take any, ya' know. LtoR: Emily, Mrs. Stone, Anna, Olivia, Mr. Stone, and all their instruments.
And crowd of appreciative listeners!!! Gabe and Lane.

And sweet couple - Hannah and Peter.

I caught Hannah video-taping! Hmmm, I would like to see that footage! :D She has such a sweet smile. :)

Mrs. Stone listening, pondering, reading her music.

Did I mention the light was awesome? Oh, of course....I meant. Brilliant. Olivia and Anna. Check out Liv's new mandolin!

And Emily's new gee-tar! You played great, Emmy! Oooh, and her new glasses! Very cute.

A' playin'.

One of my fav shots. Wondrous light.

Check out those hazel eyes....pretty girlie.

And Celtic lady...:)

AAAHHH! And a scary man! I'm just kidding, he really wasn't scary, he was just Dickens or something. He was drinking some water.
Mrs. Lynn and Michelle...I got a lecture on how to say her name...I will never say it wrong again! :D Hahaha.
Attentive at a young age...must be musicians in the family.

I put this shot up just for the little lady's face in the middle left...I love it! So funny!
Aww....sweet little baby. Tiny toes amid ruffles and lace.

Olivia's celtic drum waiting its turn.

Mrs. Lynn and Lauren. Lauren, it was so FUN being with you!

A bell of freedom.

The boys hangin' together. I love the fedora...and the orange shirt and green shorts and Cam playing drum on his leg. :)

Cannot. Resist. B&W shoes.

Dearest Mumma sitting next to Mrs. Morse.

Miss. Emily Case.

Swaying to and fro with a babe in her arms and a straw hat upon her head...twas peaceful to watch.

My favorite shot of the whole day. She was chewin' on that string with vigor! :D So adorable.

I enjoyed playing around with a dark photo to turn it into a silhouette of Anna and her fiddle.

And a more old-fashioned and just plain elegant one. Mmmm...I love this!

Mr. Stone...the quiet leader of the pack, eh, group!

Taking video and pictures was vital.

If you think I am posting all of my pics, you are wrong. I actually had to choose favorites! :D

They sounded very good for their first performance! Hooray, Stone Family Band! :D They are singing - "Rock of Ages", a big favorite of mine!

Sweet friend o' mine, who is growing up fast, she turns 14 this July!

And a very fun moment of laughter during a song. Haha haha!

"Sangen an' playin'"Anna stays pretty serene and quiet when she is up there playing...I would be so quiet too, 'cause I would be fainted upon the floor.
Everyone look at Anna! Mmm...Olivia failed.

I put three in a row here of the same type of editing ... cutting down the color just to make it look older and softer, which I love! :D Three of my very best friends: Anna Grace.

Emily Rachael - she is a graduating senior this year! (swoon!)

and Olivia Christine. With their instruments. Well, some anyway.

Mrs. Stone and Joseph listen.

All smiles after the performance. Zander - the bodyguard from the adoring fans. :)

I loved the texture and color and different look of Mrs. Lynn's shoes! Don't you?

A fine group of ladies in the shade.

Heading off into the great unknown on the other side of the fence.

The Fosters followed suit. Complete with wonderful red stool that I was thinking of snatching.

I was missing something hilarious here, I know it. How do I know? Because Joseph was talking! :D Although Lauren isn't laughing hysterically...hmmm.
Dearest girl -
Then we all, as in "kids", trooped over to put the Stone's instruments in their car - the Hopes, Lynns, Stones, Fosters, and I. Remember this house? That's over by the cars. :) Still lovely on a hot day...but we didn't have a photoshoot this time, since some of our parents weren't sure on our exact location. Heh. SO not mentioning names.

That's them! Arrest them! The little instrument thieves! ... Actually, she was just pointing at us for some odd reason. 'Sokay, Miss. Kricket, we don't mind! :D
A man heading back towards the jammin' grounds.
Down the long and dusty path they go. Oh, and hot, did I mention hot?
"Hello! Look this way and smile! Great!" Not like they could hear me talkin. Ha.
We did lots of this that day, drinking H2O, just not as "Coca-Cola commercial" as Joseph. :) Mr. Cool Dude.

Can't help the "awww" at their great smiles! Becca and her bro - Cameron.

Becca is laughing, and this is just before Cam says "No more pictures!!", but I just must say - isn't it cool how his blue eyes match his shirt's embellishment and band! Where is his blue band?? It is gone! ..... gasp!...hmmm. I wonder where he put it. :)

The green ivy trailing, tumbling, curling around this old wood fence + sun = too hard to pass up for a picture.
Alexander decides to give me a person to focus on atop the fence, and looks great, even with a mud streak on his cheek and scraped up shins from a tree. :)
The invisible air gee-tar band.
Huh. I wonder if Zander is asked to pose ever by other people...because he looks like he knows what he is doing! Thanks, guys!
Side shot down the rails a little bit.
Emily decides to try and get up.
And Becca in the background too, and they put their hands on the top rail, "AHH! It's filthy-dirty!" Now, we don't mind getting dirty, but not with white skirts on, or black skirts. Wasn't worth it. Made a cool picture, though.
Another very favorite shot. Anna likes pictures of feet - I like pictures of shoes. These are Zander L's.
Cameron's waterbottle right before he snatched it.
Some Model A's driving slowly away, put, put, putting down the old road.

A favorite of mine!

Old and memorable.
Haha....crossing the road is fun when you are with good friends.

Discussing the various and neat features on their cars.
"Well, mine has a rumble seat!", "Oh, yeah? Well, mine has red spokes!" :D Just kidding.
A cherry red bomb of a sweet truck. I wouldn't mind ownin' that baby.
They're thinkin' they wouldn't either.
Discussing why the chicken crossed the road....don't they know by now? The chicken crossed the road because it wanted Change! :D HAha HAhah aHAHA!
Cameras abound in our group.
Mmm...nice color and windows. I'm thinkin' 50's. Am I right?
"For Sale, Mrs. Lynn! Let's buy it!", I didn't even notice my mom was sitting right next to it, until I had it on the pc and was editing it for the second time! :D Haha....blind me!

Laura Lynn looking lovely, lugging lucious ...... fine. I can't think of a word for food starting with an "l". I tried, but it is 11:40pm.

"It's been nice knowing you, Zander!", Mrs. Lynn calls to him, as he heads into the soft sand.

Gabe - the cheerful and gallant doorholder. :) Thank you!

A'ight, ya'll! Hope you enjoyed the post! We'll do some more next week...God bless ya'll!
Love you, people...and if you're new, leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think! :D

My Savior is all I'll ever need,
~ Jean Marie


  1. I LOVED IT!Lovely Lovely! Great Great Beautiful pictures!! I laugh at the pictures of the dudes hanging out! I like the picture of Cam and I(oh, he hid it under his watch).Ahhh!!! Me trying to get up there with the boys, and my clutzy self fell off!!
    Memories Memories!!!
    Can't wait to see more pictures!
    Love ya

  2. could you send me the picture of me on the fence

    P.S nice post

  3. Worth the wait and the tears, snif sniffle...
    I promise to be less demandingly hasty in the future.

    In all of Alexander's nearly 13 years, the pic of him on the fence with dirt, scrapes, and handcarved maple stick, captures fully the boyman God has created him to be.

    What a big, happy family we all become when we're together...
    that is how the hugs happen so freely, and why parting is so tragic..(aren't we so dramatic?)

    Of course, that explains why I am acting like Maria von Trapp singing,
    "Strength doesn't lie in numbers
    Strength doesn't lie in wealth
    Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers
    When you wake up -- Wake Up!
    It tells me all I trust I lead my heart to
    All I trust becomes my own
    I have confidence in confidence alone
    (Oh help!)"

    I am having a splendid Mother's Day with my family and this post has certainly been a gift on this fine day.

    ehugs to ya lassie
    {{* *}}

  4. Great pictures. You got Ben Brower and Terri Brower and Providence. All good friends of mine. It is nice to see them!!!

  5. OH! I band is still on! Did I beat everyone else? Do I win?

  6. Michelle's band is still on.
    Off with it's head tomorrow!

    I shall first take a picture of the shabby, twisted, pathetic looking little thing.

    {{* *}}

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. *sigh*
    So happy you posted, Jean! <3
    Had an absolutely splendid time with you!
    <3 ya, Sweetie!

  9. Hehe. Opps - messed up on that comment. So, Jean, I was just saying that I love your pics as I say so often - nothing new - but it is true. :)

  10. LUNCH!! There's a food word that starts with "l". :)

    Jean Dahlin,
    Two thumbs up!
    Love you soooooo much!!!
    Big hugs,
    Anna :)

  11. It was....after all.....
    LUNCH! (whew, thanks Anna)
    I can't believe Jean Marie and I had such fumble for a word!

    On another note:
    Miss Jean Marie wins the
    "Longest Post in the History of Blogdom" prize!

    Congratulations Dearest.

    {{* *}}

  12. You're a good photographer! and your pictures are all so nice and crisp and the color is amazing!!!
    I love emm. :)


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