Friday, May 8, 2009

I know, I know....

.... just wait for it. The Barberville posts are coming. I promise.

My Savior is beyond comprehension....
~ Jean Marie


Anna Grace said...

Pant pant pant...

Love you!
~Anna :-/

Laura said...

O Sister, Where Art Thou ?

tear drop falls now, plinking into my tea.

{{* *}}

Laura said...

In my haste to comment, (wipes tear),
I didn't get to say,
GREAT flinch pic!

{{* *}}

Emily Rachael said...

I wub u, Jean!
You're so cute... can't wait to see your pics! And read your commentary! :D

Becca Elizabeth said...

Post Post POST!!! :D

It is a cute picture of you :D
Oh! Do you still have your band on?

Love ya

Jean Marie said...

Thanks, dears! I really enjoyed reading your comments while I was working hard on the post! I love you all! :D
~ Jean Marie