Barberville '09 Post 2 -

It's here. The long-awaited second post on the Barberville Spring Frolic. Can I get a "Woot!" for effort, please? Thank you. I think I beat the last Barberville post by how many pics are in this one! :) So since I have lots of pictures, haha...I lost count...I will just jump in and let ya'll have a look at them all. :)

We start back up after dancing for a bit out at where the Surf Road Project was playing...they were great! :) Like usual.
Some mandolin...

Some banjo...
Some bodhran...

Some fiddle...

.... and lots of picture and video takin'. :)
Mmm, hmm...see?
GABE MAN! :D Great smile, there, dude.
Putting my zoom lens to good use on my friends. :)
This is great, actually, I have an identical shot, almost, from Nov. B-ville of Joseph holding a Coca-Cola can...and this is Gabe! :) Haha!
Some attentive and appreciative listeners.
A shirt for the Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival, which I am SO going to next year. "Corn, corn, corn, nothin' but corn!" ;)
Lauren's shoes.

Best friends or good brothers? Hmmm.....that's a hard one. :) Joseph and Gabe.
Lauren sippin' her drink...I am not the only one who took a shot of this.
A favorite picture of Cameron F.
Sweet sun on a southern hat.

Some lovely blooms in a raised bed.

I didn't walk far from the tent, but I just had to take some shots of the brightly colored flowers!

A little serene pond -

A man and his bass -

HAHA! This is Mrs. Foster, on the right...smiling so cute and telling me not to take a picture of her! Oh, well, I had already taken it. And who wouldn't agree that she looks so lovely and cute? :)

The boat. Without water. But still great. GREAT, I say!

Ahhh....boating on the lake on a Saturday afternoon in the Pastime...a floppy sun hat upon my head, in a white linen dress, listening to nothing but the sound of the waves, the motor running, the breeze blowing, the voice of some people I love singing old hymns. Mmm....sigh. Loverly.

Or riding in this red wagon, along some abandoned road with a cup of lemonade.
Yellow flowers -

Some more fun flower shots -

A tricycle waiting for a little tyke to pedal away on it.

"Hello, Mattie!" Look at Jeffrey's face! Such concentration upon his carving! :D

Michelle and Olivia enjoying lunch in the shade. Shade was important. It was sweltering.

A man singing to a lady, you see a lot of this at Barberville. :)

And Emily comes to cross the sandy path ...

She is not angry, she is trying to keep the sun out of her bright! Just wait -

There! "Hello, Emmy!"

Sweet girlie smile for me.

The Morse Family Band playin' in the barn.


Matthew Morse playin' banjo.

A neat ol' sign. That's where we were, you see....DeLeon Springs.
Mr. A., and Mattie on Emily's lap.
Her hot little hands playing with her slinky. :)
Haha...runs in the family, I guess. Gabe's bro-Zander, and his Coca Cola.
Drink it down, friend, it's a sizzlin' out dere.
Chasing the guys apparently comes at a young age for her. Johnnie was much more interested in finding things. :)

Movin' on over to the Men of the House group, for a bit -

Matthew playing fiddle with them a bit.

I had to get some peacock shots, so I left. Here's the gate. They really don't want them to get out, do they? ;)
Ah, ha....there you are.

Some eggs and a feather.

A lovely peahen.

A very proud and ostentatious peacock of the Indian peafowl variety. :) Look at that spread, would you...huge!

He loved the camera and really did the model head poses, if I took lessons from him, I would be quite vain and proud indeed...he thought he was somethin else, let me tell you. :D
He followed my every move. And announced it to the whole world with his call - "Ah-WAH!, Uh-WAH! UH-WAH!" :D
What beautiful and vibrant colors!

Very neat.

Oh, look! Some people I know! "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Stone!" :)

"Smile! Thank you!" * wave *

Raffling off some lovely cedar chairs.

Olivia and Audrey at the freshly fried potato chip stand. Don't you love the little girl running away in her brown skirt and bonnet? :) I do!

Talkin'....look at the little man on the left's face! It cracks me up! Haha! SO CUTE!

These cute girls express perfectly the faces of everyone in the room, sweating, smiles and trying to catch their breath!

After an hour of dancing, I returned to "Men of the House" outside, who had invited Erik Alvar from "Surf Road Project", and Matthew Morse from "The Morse Family Band" to join them. :) Here's Erik on mandolin and Scotty.

Mr. G.


Yes, that IS Coty playing the fiddle upside down and for the duration of a minute! Wow!

Mad fiddling skills.

My loverly friend - Anna. nice.

Some of the crowd lovin' the songs.
Since they were the last in that tent...we asked them to keep playing, nevermind their clock!
A sheepie.

Scotty. You might remember him from the Goat Fest post. He plays flute. And recorder. And sax, which is my fav. And low flute.
Michael and Coty.
Incorporating some Backstreet Boys into the song, all in good fun. We laughed so hard. :)
Becca's camera.
Anna's skirt.

I don't know what you want to call it...I don't really care, actually. Scotty is AMAZING.

I say he is rippin' it ... he plays with emotion and puts all his breath into it...soo great! :D
Becca talking to Anna ... I like this shot. :)

Pickin' away.

Erik -

Matthew -

Some sweet sounds -
Haha! Got you Lauren! And look, the guys are not even smiling! :D

Some laughter during the Backstreet Boy moves...we laughed even though it was rather a spoof. :) None of us have fondness for the BB. :)

Joseph taking video, I think.

I have no idea how I got this shot to look like this, but I love it. Zander. Gosh, it's cool.

Lauren and Gabe.

Becca and Anna.

That sweet plow seat.

A happy rodent house...or something. I didn't ask.

A red-headed kid that was feeding the goat.

He was uprooting the struggling grass, but I let him be, in all kindness.


Calf! :) Awww! Let's hear some aww', two, three.....GO!

A little closer -

There! Perfect! :)

The red boxcar...that I wish was hooked up to a ride-able train, because we all understand that I love trains, right? Right. :)

That's all for now, folks-ies! :) I love ya' all, and had such a good and wonderful time that Spring Barberville Day, and it's mostly due to the great company! Thanks for being patient in waiting for the post. My prayers are for you ... be family and come 'round often! Oh, and if you want more on B-ville, you can go to some of my friend's blogs - Stone Family, Joseph, Lauren, Lane, and Emily Case. They got some really great shots!!! :D

God be ever your comfort -
~ Jean Marie
Psalm 103


  1. B-A-R-B-E-R-V-I-L-L-E!!!!!!
    That is all I can say!!
    I love it!!!
    Great post Jean!!!!

    Love ya!

  2. Awww, Jean! I love this post, too! It's so "old-fashioned/country farm" . . . ahhh . . . so dreamy. :) I like the way you take the pics, too. Hmm . . . It would be nice to have these in a book or on our wall or something. :)

  3. I was petting that adorable calf (I love him) and then he started licking my arm and so I had cow drool and dirt on my arm and dirt on my hand from petting him. Haha it was funny.

  4. HAHA! Thanks, guys! I enjoyed the Spring Frolic SOOO much! :D Three Cheers for Barberville! WOOT, WOOT, WOOT! :D
    Love ya all...
    ~ Jean Marie

    P.S. Kim...yeah, I think we should frame some, huh? :)


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