Mother's Day

Hi, everyone...

Yesterday was Mother's Day, but I am sticking to not posting on my blog on Sundays, unless there is an emergency of some sort. So, it'll just be one day later. :)

It's been on my mind that for many of you, Mother's Day will come with not just hugs and cards, but also with fond remembrances, wistfulness, sorrow and tears...for those of you that have lost your Mamas, or have lost a child...I have been praying for you all week! I love many other "Moms" that I know, and want you to know that you are not forgotten this day, or any other. :)

This post is to my mother, for her continued care and nurturing and discipline in raising my sister and I. She is a wonderful mother, who, thanks to both Mom and Dad for this, she made her work: her home, her husband, her family, her children. And we are a lot of work! :D She is amazing, does SO much, and we love her to pieces.

Washing lunch dishes and taking out the trash can't show you enough that I love you, Mom ... loving you every day for the rest of my life will come close. :) Thank you, Mumma, you are the greatest so many times over! We thank God for His deep and wonderful blessing in giving us you as our Mum!

A month after Mom's first Mother's Day, complete with little girlie, Kimberly at 5 mo.!

"Her two prizes", as she often calls us...when you are particularly special for some reason, you are a "little prize". :) Around Mom's 3rd Mother's Day - Kimberly and I.
And earlier this year...
She also has a husband who loves her very, very much and tickles her to prove it. :D
Saturday, after a Mother/Daughter brunch at the church.

I love you, Mama.

Jesus, be my Glory, ever!
~ Jean Marie


  1. Aaww, Mrs Fambrough! :-) Here's a hug from England for you.

    Jean, those last two pictures are so sweet and lovely!

    Sarah xx

  2. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!
    My hug doesn't come from quite as far! :D How about 5 minutes away? :)
    Hope your day was wonderful!

  3. My hug comes from . . . umm, about one second away? Hehe. I love you, Mom. :)
    P.S. Jean, this post is so sweet. :)


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