Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tonight -

Our girlie - Emily Stone ... graduates from high school! YES! Go, Emmy - WOOT!
I love you, darlin' ... and Congratulations!!!

A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord!
~ Jean Marie
Psalm 103


Laura said...

We join the woots and hoots and will try to contain our congratulatory excitement this evening as we watch her step out of a long season of education and onto the path
God has prepared just for her.
Such euphoric mystery & intrigue!

Woo~hoo! indeedy!

{{* *}}

Anna said...

I second that Mrs. Lynn!
I'm praying God's blessings on my sister's future, whatever it may hold!
Love ya Emmy darlin,
~Anna :)

Emily Rachael said...

Thanks so much, Dahlin', Jean!
I had such a wonderful time with you last night... thank you for being a part of my big night!
I love you so much!
ME (aka, the new high school graduate!)

Jean Marie said...

Sweet friend ...
I'm glad you liked your short little tribute...I was SO excited ALL DAY! The party was such fun...the best graduation since last year! :d HAha. I loved being a part...even when I thought I could kill you for that photo. I loved it all.
Love your oceans, dolly.
~ Jean Marie

Emily Rachael said...

Kill for what photo? :D
Please tell me... 'cause I have no idear what you're talkin' about! :D