Little Miss. Chapman -

Hello, ya'll...

I wrestled with posting about today, I really did...because I am going to be babysitting, and then spend some great hours with some of my dearest friends for a post-grad party. And I will most likely spend the whole day laughing...either at myself or just for the sake of it. And after such a happy event like last doesn't really want to be sad or think about sober things.

But - for the sole sake of lifting up fellow saints in Christ - I am posting this morning at 6am, :) to ask you to pray for: Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, and their kids: Emily, and her husband Tanner, Caleb and his newlywed wife Julia, Will Franklin, Shoaey and Stevey Joy.

Because today one year ago, they lost a daughter and sister, Maria Sue, who went to be with our Lord. For very unknown and unexplainable reasons to us ... and for the glory of His Name. So. Some of you have listened to SCC's music for years, some of you can't stand Christian contemporary or rock, I am asking you to forget about it. I "fell in love" with the SCC family because of their strong hearts for family and adoption. I didn't love all his music all at once ... but I sure have listened in a different way this past year.

I want to keep this short ... I have been reading and commenting and following the various Chapman blogs this past year, and even though I am one in about a thousand of commenter, I'm just like everyone else: wanting to lift them up in prayer before the throne of God. Focus on the Family is re-airing their interview with SCC that they had last year about the accident and Maria Sue. You can listen to it online: here. When you get there, click on the tab that says "Family Radio", and it will slide out. Or, if you feel so led, post a comment on Mary Beth's blog: here. It is yet early in the morning, and even though I am not sure she will post on today, emotions being so high and hearts still so hurt, you can still leave a comment...since I posted at midnight last night, there have been 11 comments...I am sure they will rocket up by the end of the day.

I didn't want this to be long! Oh, well. I said what I wanted to say. I am posting my comment, like a little tribute...not just to little girlie Maria Chapman, but for our most worthy to be praised God! The they have mourned and gone through true grief, they have emerged at the the Psalms...praising and exalting our God, even when they don't understand.

I love all you wonderful friends ... and soon we will have some graduation pics! Thanks for reading!

Thanking the Lord for today ...
~ Jean Marie

Hi, Mrs. Chapman,
Since it is now 12:05 am on Thursday, the 21st...and I am thinking of you all....I decided to go ahead and let you know - that I will be praying for you all ALL DAY!
It sounds so insignificant to me...I mean, think of all the people who are praying for you! Hundreds! Thousands! Who am I? Just one girl...but it's the only gift I can give.
I don't think I will be able to understand a Mother's pain over a child until I am a mother myself, but just the thought sends pain to my heart...because I know what sorrow and grief feel like...those days you want to give up on breathing, and just sit in silence and pretend that life...and the perfect will of God...didn't happen just like He ordained it to happen. That it happened your way instead.
Because I know what pain feels like...I mourn with you. I rejoice in life with you. I praise God for giving you a gift in Maria, and for taking her just as gives glory and honor and praise to His Name. Because I can't do anything else when He is always GOOD TO US. Maria is with Jesus...and when at last we will see HIS FACE...all our arguments and planned speeches on our pain we endured...when His eyes look tenderly into will all melt away, and our lips will only sing praise...for eternity..."Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty! Who was, and is and IS TO COME!" Even so, Come Lord Jesus!
In Christ...I send my love as a sister.
"Bless the Lord, O, my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy Name!"
~ Jean Marie
(from Florida)