Saturday, June 18, 2016

To the Mother -

To the Mother: 

I've always loved. Always adored. Always looked up to. 

To the Mother who held me in sickness, in grief, in pain, in joy, in laughter, in infancy, in adulthood. 
To the Mother who flew & drove hours away to go to funerals with me because I needed to BE there. 
To the Mother who wouldn't let me go alone, and who knows me more than almost anyone. 

To the Mother who even when she wanted to give up, got up the next day and tried again. 
To the Mother who never stops praying for her girls. To the Mother who reads her Bible every morning. 

To the Mother with a river of strength in her soul, because Jesus is faithful. 

To the Mother who has taught us school, but more importantly, what life and love look like together. 
To the Mother who in every day has either encouraged me or brought me to laughter, and always loved. 

To the Mother who is the very best one for me. 
To the Mother who married a daughter off 2 months ago. 
To the Mother who grows more beautiful with every month, every year. 
To the Mother who makes me long to be a Mother too. 
To the Mother who is kind, supportive, loyal, generous and sweet. 
To the Mother all the tear inducing poems and beautiful things that are written and sung.....
are secretly speaking of. 

To You, Mama. 

Happy Birthday. 

Love always,
- Jean Marie - 

Photos: May 2015. Springtime in Ohio. 

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