The Worst is Over -

Today one of my best friends texted me to let me know she loved me and was praying for me these days,
and when I texted her back, I said: "The worst is over.". Which it is. 

June 3 is the infamous "Day After", when I was so paralyzed by the shock that I handed over my 
Sunday School class to I don't even know who, and just tried to breathe. And sleep? 
And tore apart my bathroom and reorganized all the drawers to DO. SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

I remember washing my hands at the kitchen sink and then just falling straight down, 
my legs giving out, and wondering if my heart would ever start beating normally again 
without the pain of losing him. 

Lying on the kitchen floor sobbing. Numb

But getting up again and organizing some more. 

Yes, the worst is over. The last bad memory day is the 9th. 
Then it's over for another year, at least the horrific remembering 
and nightmares that rob my sleep of sleeping. 

But the worst is over too in a better and much bigger way: 
I won't ever say goodbye to Avery ever again. 
I can't wait to say "Hello"!! 

Death has come, but Death has also been crushed beneath my Savior's feet. 

The cross is over. The tomb is empty. The stone is rolled away. The veil is torn. 
The Angels await with baited breath. The trumpeters stand ready. 

And I close my eyes and whisper with a smile, "The worst is over....", because IT IS. 

GLORY is coming. 

"The resurrection means everything sad is going to eventually come untrue
and it will somehow be greater for once being broken and lost." ~ Tim Keller 

- JM -