Pray for Orlando -

** Normally I wouldn't post on a Sunday, but this warrants it. **

"May the Gospel of Christ be evident as the only power greater than a broken human heart."
 ~ Albert Mohler

{image via Albert Mohler}

I live an hour away from Orlando. I go there almost weekly. I know the road it's on very well. 
 I drive within 10 minutes of this nightclub. I have many friends who live in Orlando.

And I had no idea what happened this morning until our pastor announced it. 
It is being hailed as the worst shooting in US history and the worst terror attack since 9/11,
and it was in ORLANDO. What is happening. 

Hearing the news, I felt sick and horrified. It immediately felt like grief. It WAS grief. 
Tears slipping down my cheeks during prayer. Jesus, they are hurting. I'm hurting for them.

 As Christians, we know that life is VERY precious, and every life is to be valued and to be treasured.
This {the killing} should NOT BE. Murder is an abomination in the eyes of our Lord. 

So many lives were lost this morning, many not knowing Christ...
so many families were torn apart. So many hearts are breaking, so many souls are weeping. 

I am weeping. 


Surreal and sickening to see this enacted on Facebook, it was previously used in Paris. 

"God binds up his heart so closely with suffering people that 
He interprets any move against them as a move against Him." ~ Tim Keller

Pray. Love. Grieve with those who are grieving. 
Mourn the loss. Build each other up. Love. Pray.

- JM -