Pray for Orlando (Tuesday) -

{Journaled on Instagram}

I attended the Citywide Prayer Service at First Baptist Church of Orlando tonight with Eric and some mutual friends. 
It was hard but good. Prayers from multiple pastors in Orlando. 
Corporate Worship live streamed on probably every news channel there was with a video camera. 
"It is Well" with hands upraised. 

The "Really Bad Weekend" talked about....
A standing ovation in support for Christina Grimmie's friends &
Before You Exit band (who attend First Pres of Orlando) who were there....
A standing ovation for a guy named Josh who was at Pulse the night of the shooting, who had tears trembling in his eyes.....
the reading of the 49 names and the chiming of the bell went on far too long, far too many names....

The LBGTQ African American lady who works with the group who spoke a few words and 
when she said "2,000 people have come here tonight....putting aside politics and differences to
show a a CHURCH." and tears stopped her from continuing as well
as thundering applause because THIS IS OUR TIME. 

Church, WE KNOW Who saves the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit, 
we know Who gives life, we know Who is God and Who reigns over our world, 
we know the answer, and His Name is JESUS

Don't stay silent. Proclaim it. 

 "I believe this is the choice of our age: Do we want to be brave or safe?" ~ Gary Haugen 

I have a crying headache. I got home from Orlando to Sanford at 10:30pm,
from Sanford to Home at 11:30pm, now I'm going to bed while trying to write & debrief at 12:30am. 

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. 
I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." - Jesus {John 10:10}

I unpinned the purple ribbon on my shirt and put it in a safe place to remember,
and I thanked God I got home safely due to being SO tired 
(apparently donating a pint of blood takes away energy as does crying for an evening).
I wish the gay friends I met yesterday could have come tonight and seen it. 

I'm praying that many who watched it are stirred to know Jesus, are comforted by the prayers,
and are uplifted knowing we came just for them, not for us by any means. 
We showed up for YOU, Pulse families & LBGTQ Community. 

Hear us loud and clear: We are praying for you. 
Conservative Christians are heartbroken and weeping with you. 
YOU have great worth in our eyes and in God's eyes. 
And there is One Who will never leave you or forsake you in your whole life, 
He longs to make you a part of His family, and until you know it to be true yourself, 
we will call you family, and we will mourn with you. Because #WeareOrlando

- JM -