My 27th Year -

Dreams Fulfilled in my 27th Year of Life - 

1. Attended my first college football game: FSU! {Oct. 2015}

2. Finished & received my Photography Degree from NYIP! {Dec 2015} (BTS my final project!)

3. Saw Brian Regan in Concert! {Dec 2015}

4. Photographed my sister's proposal & engagement!{Dec 2015}

5. Rode the SunRail for the first time. {Jan 2016}

6. Got my ears pierced {Jan 2016}

7. Entered a Photography Contest, and TWO of my Maternity Photos won Top 100! {March 2016}
(this was a HUGE deal, since that means they placed in the top 3.5% out of 225, 207 photos!)

8. Flew internationally for the first time {March 2016}

9. Saw One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Great Wall of China {March 2016}

10. Traveled to China to work in an orphanage {March 2016} (Miss CJ more than anyone in the world)

11. Saw the Terracotta Warriors, considered the Eight Wonder of the World {March 2016}

12. Was the Maid of Honor at my Sister's wedding {April 2016}

13. My Sister Got Married!! {April 2016}  {A Still Breath Photography}

One of the happiest days of my life! 

14. Went to my first Orlando City Soccer Game! {May 2016} (shaky because we'd just WON)

15. Found Hidden Treasure (while on a beach cleanup)! {June 2016} 

16. Donated Blood for the first time! {June 2016}

Being 27 was AMAZING. Soooo many dreams fulfilled!!! I'm so excited to make so many more! Now, on to 28

- JM -


  1. Wow, sounds like it's been quite a year! How wonderful :-)

    Wishing you a happy, happy 28th birthday and lots more dreams come true in the next year!


    P.S. Package on it's way, but I only posted it yesterday so it will be late....!

  2. Can't believe I wrote "on it's way"!!

    *hangs head in shame*


  3. You are rocking this life ladyfriend! I am so proud of you for going out and doig all the things!


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