Spring Frolic 2014 {Day 2} -

Spring Frolic Day 2! 

Ok. Remember how in the last post I said that it rained a ton at Barberville? Yes? Ok. Well guess what happens when it rains in March. It brings in FREEZING COLD WEATHER. I took a hoodie that morning with me, which was a Godsend. Otherwise I would have died. I almost died without it. It was SO so so so cold. Like.....FL cold. It was in the 50's and had wind chill that cut right through our "spring" clothing. So I stopped by Panera Bread in Ormond to get a hot caramel latte. Which was so insanely good that I want one right now just looking at this picture. 

But when you see us all "bundled" in jackets over our dresses and things that we thought would be fine (which would have been fine for the 75 degree day prior), were not so great for the 50 degree morning. Haha. 

It was a great day, lots of music and hanging out and laughter and joking. I love our friends so much.
There are something like 80 pictures in this post. So settle in with your lemonade and scroll. ;)

Did you know: Panera Bread uses real caramel as their syrup and not a flavored syrup?
That is why I don't get a headache from Panera Bread's, but get one from Starbucks. Interesting, right? 

SO so so so so good. I was a happy (not so cold) driver over to Barberville. 



Georgia was clapping along to the music....completely unprompted. ;)  

I love watching Emily laugh with Ben. It's the sweetest thing. 

She's so cute. 

Loner's Junction never disappoints. They are great. 

The morning sun streaming through the oaks and spanish moss. 

The Settlement's brand spankin' new Gator. It was so darn tempting to not climb up in it. 

It's like their mini-ambulance. It's got a backboard runner on the side and lights and averthang.

Happy (and really cold). 


These guys were great. I really enjoyed listening to their music. 


I love watching the females: "Yes, we see you, men. Now go away." 

I love watching tree shadows change in the breeze. 

This guy brought a really funny and cool instrument. Ready? It's a bass. Made out of a grill cover, a crutch, and frying spatula. (and a gauge put on there, for good measure) We cracked up over it for about 10 minutes. 

Hearing Xander play cello is one of the best things ever.  

Same goes for Aaron on.....anything. 

Leah was cold, and still sang crazy well anyways. She covered "Crazy" and "House of the Rising Sun" and lots of others.
She has such a beautiful voice and I love her. Haha. 


They finished their set early, so then they started playing a song from Zelda. Which was fantastic until Xander reminded everyone that the song is 5 minutes long and it's the same thing over and over and over. So then they took a few requests and finished up. ;) hahahaa.

Ukelele and Mandolin together makes any song a million times happier. haha. 

Be prepared for a huge overload of pictures of Ryan being adorably cute. He was just 3 months old then!! 

Uncle John was making him laugh. 

The chub. I can't take it. 

Seriously. I was dying over these last night. Blaze of adorableness. Love him. 

and this golden-haired boy. 

I have no idea why he was eating his cup. hahaha. 

Adoring fans. 

"David. What do you see?" 

"Not sure, huh?"

"You are adorable."

The Pioneer Settlement is a wonderful place. I've been going there for 17 years, as far as we know. :) 

Sweet Tea!! Southern Liquid Gold. 

Reflections are my happy place. 

And white kitchens with old appliances. 

And vintage magazine ads (and pretty much everything in these next few pictures).

It's Uncle John!

Emily chatting....and who we thought then was Theo....is now Nixie. So hilarious. 

The brand new Gator. I was standing next to it, and patting it and admiring it.  

Emily rockin' the Converse. 

Emily Acevedo (and Baby Leila! who is now born and is soooo cute).

The cool kids. The cool married kids. 

Oh David. You are the cutest baby lumberjack I've ever seen in my entire life. 

Please don't grow up so fast. 

Auntie Jemmie can't take your cuteness. She's in overload. He is seriously such a sweet kid.

Getting carried by Mama is the best. 

So are traditions and smiles. :) 

AND THIS ICE CREAM. (Sorry. I really want some sugar, apparently.)

Here's a full exposed picture in the shade so you can see how many freckles I really have. ;)

The buggies. *giggles* "Are you my Mother?" Hahahahhahaa. 

G was infatuated with my sunglasses. 

Rock it, baby. 

I love watching her experience life. 


Ben, lying in the shade as the post-Barberville exhaustion hits, along with the ringing of the bell. 

More adoring fans. Ryan was wearing the Janie & Jack red corduroy overalls I got him!! *squeal* 

Meesh photobombs. haha. 

Emily puts her baby skills to good use and holds a happy Ryan. 

She's so sweet and gorgeous. Way to go, Obi!  

By then, we were slap happy - hysterical.

I love these girls so much, and am so thankful for their friendships!! 

I love that kind of afternoon light. 

Goodbye Barberville. Until next time. It's been fun. 

And that was Day 2!! :) (4 months later, I might add)

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun! :-) I think I would love going to something like that!

  2. I LOVE your pictures. You are so talented. :-)


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