Project 52 (26-27) -

 Week 26 - June 28, 2014 

 Week 27 - July 5, 2014

Week 26 - My much anticipated and extremely delicious pina colada by the pool at the Hilton Orlando with my Mama. It was so good, I think I could have drunk about 5 of them. hahaha. SO cool and perfect. So much coconut and pineapple. And just for the love of my Mama, I will mention that it was virgin. Haha! I've had it with the rum, and even though I liked it, I don't like it when it is really hot outside, because the ice melts SO fast (Florida, for you), and then you are just drinking straight rum and pina colada juices. And then it's not so great. So I chose to have it virgin. :) And it was SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. I'm crying inside right now just thinking about it and the fact I can't have some right now. It was such a delicious birthday present to enjoy on a sunny day. I even bought it with birthday money! 

Week 27 - My also much anticipated birthday gift from myself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SELF. I bought the new 5th generation Ipod Touch!! I love it. I love having texting and Instagram. It's already brought loads of joy and laughter. I bought it refurbished and so it was $30 cheaper than the new one, even after the price drop. I'm super happy and excited to have it. 

So there's just two stories from these past weeks - there's been so much going on. 
But I'm loving this summer....and hope yours is amazing as well!!

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~