Spring Frolic 2014 {Day 1} -

Well. Spring Barberville 2014 was March 29-30th. But life got all shot to heck soon after that, and I just filed them away and didn't touch them....until Shannon mentioned a few weeks ago that she was sad because I'd never edited them and she always loved looking at them. So I set out to edit them for her. ;) 

So here is Day 1. Day 1 was basically - we found out what Barberville would be like if it was a water park. It POURED down rain almost the whole day. So we (thankfully) ditched our shoes and everything else that couldn't get wet (except our cameras), and ran around Barberville like little street rats. And got completely soaked through. By the end of the day, our hair was washed and dried about 10 times, and you could really tell. hahaha. 

It was Becs first time going in a few years, and so Shan and the two of us hung out, we had a great time. It was really weird because the rain kept lots of people away, so it was quiet. We decided we didn't like it quiet. We'd much rather have it be really really busy. :) Anyways, here are photos!! 

I hate the Barberville goose. It scares the heck out of me. It is a mean, territorial, scary, guard dog goose.
Which is why I told Becs that it was a TERRIBLE idea for her to get that close to take a picture. 

aaaaand then just like I warned Becs - this happened. The goose went for her phone. 
We died laughing looking at this picture for the rest of the day, though. 

Irony is the cow eating the sign that says "Caution: Do Not feed the animals. Animals may bite.".
Meanwhile, the cow is like: "I do want I want! I'm going to eat this sign!" 

I love being with her. We have so much fun. 

Georgia's feet. Everything about her is adorable to me. haha. 

Jackson Creek! 

Best friends, catching up....and enjoying the semi-dry porch railing to sit on. 

Shadows and Light. I love them. 

Like I said....we were pretty sandy and soaked and....little street rats. 

The Print Shop! 

Dearest Shan. 

The wilderness we aren't allowed to go in, but decided to anyways because we loved it so much. 

Becs. Her mermaid hair and lace blouse were so pretty, I had to take some pictures. 

J'adore. I sent this to Becs, and she loved it so much she put it everywhere. Which makes me THE happiest photographer on the planet. I used it on my FB Photography page as well, in celebration of reaching 150 likes! So exciting. It's the most wonderful thing when someone loves a picture as much as you do. 

Oh Barberville. 

Spring Trees. Looking up. 

Then we planned a photoshoot. We used Becs as our model, because she's great at it. "Go stand in those vines and ivy and ferns and pretend it's Ireland! Now walk this way! Now look that way!" 


I freaked out over this one. Somehow all the ivy made me think it looked like Greece. 
She's like a Grecian model. "One Grecian urn!!!" (hahahahaha) 

This was my super happy expression when the sun came out. SUUUUUNNNN. Haha. 

Where the wild ivy grows.....

Loner's Junction!

Emily & G & Uncle John

Love her adorable self. 

They are married. *grin* 

And Baby Leila is born! 

Shannon and I were sitting in the front row, and we were cracking up watching Nathan. He was concentrating and was looking everywhere that wouldn't be a distraction for him. 

aaaaannnnd then he noticed the cameras. hahahaa. He's so great. 

Our Nikon d7000's are best friends. Hypothetically speaking. 

I love you so much, G. What a doll baby. 

Emily & Ben are such good parents. 

Gardenias in bloom.

One of my favorite pictures of the day was this one of Georgia running around happily shrieking. 

It was so great to be with Becs and all be together again. (Except we missed you, Hopes)

Then Emily took "semi-sane" pictures of Shan, Becs and I together. We pretty much failed. 

Becs makes me laugh so stinkin' hard. This pretty much sums up our relationship. 


Losing it. 


Overly happy. And look at my hair. 

I love their sarcastic, hilarious, wonderful selves. 

And that was Day 1!!! A total blast. A total water park blast. ;) I'll have Day 2 up in a few days!

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. *happy dance*
    I love your B-vile edits... it brings back the beautiful day to my heart. Having time with you and Becs, avoiding the rain, and laughing at who knows what, were some of the best moments of the weekend. Simply lovely!!!

  2. Loved all of these! You really captured the feel of the day (well, as much as you can without dumping water on the viewer).

  3. This was a really fun post! Definitely a different feel of Barberville with all the rain, but in a good way. :)


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