Catching Up -

Hey y'all!! 

It seems like I'll forever be catching up!! :) I just told Shannon the other day that I realized I never edited and shared the Spring Frolic Barberville pictures. Wow. I've been blessed with several photoshoots, and all my editing time has been taken up with getting people their pictures!! 

* I just finished tonight the sweetest couple's engagement pictures that I took 2 months ago (exactly today)! Just in time, too, because tomorrow I'm hopping in my car, and picking up Shannon, and we are spending the weekend in Apopka, shooting a wedding together!! We are super stoked. :) And we are spending the night with Holly & MaKenna DeVore, which is bound to leave us....not wanting to sleep. Oh boy. ;) 

* I'm on summer break from teaching Sunday School, in the fall it will be 3 years that I've been teaching! So much learned, and how I've come to love those kids even more than before. 

* I'm loving my iPod Touch, and I'm (no surprise) addicted to Instagram. That's actually where most of my pictures are going. And I've been spending more time (thankfully) at the beach!! I love summertime! 

* On July 10, Becs and I went to the beach and I snapped a few photos with my GoPro! We had a lovely time. The water temperature and clarity were perfection, and the weather was as well. 

Love her so much. 

* Next week I'm going to be blogging these recent photoshoots over on my photography website!! 
There are SO.MANY.PICTURES. to's so hard to choose!! I've loved these sweet families and seeing my horizons expand and hearing stories and rolling with whatever comes. 

So that's my catch up, for now!! And now I need bed. :) Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~