Georgia is 1! -

One year ago it was a Sunday. I had woken up thinking "I haven't heard from Emily lately...I wonder if she is in labor.", but off to church we went without any word, so I ignored my gut (gut is always right). After church, we were invited to our dear friend's house for Sunday dinner, and while there, I got a call on my cell phone from Kimberly at home, she says "Did you know Georgia is here?!", and I screamed in the middle of their house (our poor friends), and ran to their computer (such loving friends) to see. 

And there, on my e-mail, were two sweet photos of her, and a joyful e-mail from her Mama. And then I cried from happiness, floated on clouds for days, told everyone I knew every single thing I knew about her, and then eight days later, I held her for the first time. 

She was more beautiful and tiny than I could imagine. I was breathless and speechless at the sight of her. What followed was an hour and a half of the cutest lifestyle newborn photoshoot, and me forgetting to even talk to anyone else because my whole world stopped down to the time I had just with the two of us. Little Miss Georgia Rose Brower and I. Calling it a sweet memory doesn't cut it. 

Look how precious. 

Hands with those long Case fingers. 

Singing "Georgia On My Mind" to her, for the first time out of the womb. ;) 


So unbelievably perfect and small.  

A mother's love on a best friend will take your breath away, make you melt, and cry and scream with joy. I love it that Emily has always wanted to be a mother, and now she is. It is a beautiful thing. 

One of my favorites of all time. 

These made me tear up for days. (Emily gave me a frame with this photo in it for my 25th birthday)

Love her so much. 

Contentment and peace.  

I did see her between newborn and February, but I don't have many pictures! :) Crazy, right? 

Emily and Georgia at 5 months. 

Emily & Georgia met Mrs. Gilchrist and I at Blue Springs! We had such a fun time. 

April was a super fun, busy, filled-with-Georgia month. First was Princess Place Park day, on the 13th. 

G at 7 months old

Love love love. 

Mama and Georgia. 

Inside the horse stables. Oh my heavens, was she cute. 

Those smiles for Mama (and Daddy) are the best.  She loves them SO much. 


Georgia with cousin David, Aunt Tricia, and Mama! (how cute are they, I mean, really) 

And we worried Georgia wouldn't be an expressive child. What were we thinking....

April 24th - 

I love these. :) 

Impromptu portraits are the best. 

Such a sweetie. 

Holding her bee, and off to Walmart we go. 

 She is seriously such a happy baby. We were singing in Walmart and laughing at each other. ;) 

More precious than every single Walmart and every other store in the world combined. 
(and everything else too) 

and then it was April 27th - the Spring Frolic 

Chillin' out in her stroller .... 

 Eating puffs while Auntie Jean Marie goes on a sunset glory light photoshoot spree. 

Gorgeous girls. 

Love them so much. (in case you were wondering after me stating that for the 9,00000th time) 

10 months old, and the sweetest Georgia & Emily visit. 

Her "I see Mama" smiles. Oh my heart. 

Little Lovey. 

Reading books to her is a precious way to relax and pass the time. 

Growing up so fast! 

All smiles!!! 

and then September 1st, we did a family photoshoot, as you can see HERE. It was hot but also fun. :D 

Daddy and Georgia (11.5 months old!)


Oh, those eyes. 

Snuggles and lovins are two things Georgia loves. 

And time with Daddy, who she shrieks when she sees him, and is perfectly content in his arms.  

With her elephant, Tito.  

 Oh baby. How can you be one already? 

Smiles all around are the norm.  

Taking on this adventure called life with joy and plenty of exploring is how she likes it. :)  

and I love her for all of it. She's one of the most amazing, sweet, precious babies I've ever known. 

and being her honorary auntie can make my heart burst and send me into happy tears at the drop of a hat. I love you so much, sweet Georgia Rose. Happy 1st birthday. I'll always be thankful for every moment with you, and with your Mama and Daddy. Ben & Emily - you are amazing parents. Congratulations, a year later!!! She is so precious and well-loved. God has richly blessed you. 

With much love always, and I can't wait to give you lots of squeezes at your birthday party! 
~ Auntie Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Sweetest girl! I loved reading and looking through this post. I especially love the photos from April 24th. And the one of her sucking her thumb in the stable, like she's thinking "What?" ;)

    Thank you so much for loving her and being her honorary Auntie. We love you!


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